A Simple Running Log

June 5, 2014

Training for 6/5/14

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Yesterday, I did some strength training for the first time in two weeks. I did the usual — ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weights. Then I went outside and did a very easy 3-miler. I took it even easier than normal because it was already pretty warm by the time I ran.

I spent the afternoon unsuccessfully trying to get a tint waiver signed by my eye doctor in time to take the Jeep over to the DMV to get it titled and tagged before an evening meeting I had to cover. Actually, the doctor probably did sign the form in time, but no one from the office bothered to call me to come pick it up, like they said they would when I dropped it off. When I called near the end of the day and asked if it was ready, they said oh yeah! it’s right here!… but failed to mention I had about 30 seconds to get there before they closed. I drove the Jeep in town to pick it up only to find the doors locked. So that was annoying.

Today was a new day though. I did an easy lap around the 6.5-mile loop, picked up my tint waiver, drove to the DMV, got the Jeep through inspection on the first try and boom, titled and tagged! Now Clark wants to take it to a mechanic for a once-over before it goes to the beach house for good.

As loud and unrefined as that Jeep is, it’s really grown on me after the last couple of days of driving it around. It’s probably a good thing we couldn’t find a Wrangler in our price range, because I’d never want to leave it at the beach house.


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