A Simple Running Log

May 21, 2014

Training for 5/21/14

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Last night, I really did get in the short run I’d missed the day before. But it was probably only because Clark was planning on running after work anyway, so I got to run with him and Pepper. Otherwise, I’d have most likely stayed on the couch.

Clark usually does high intensity intervals instead of just a steady pace, so as we took off down the road, I asked him what the plan was. He said it was a surprise.

We ran a bit over a half-mile before he took off for his first interval. It will never matter how much I run compared to Clark, he will always be faster than me at short distances. I was keeping up, but it wasn’t comfortable. I switched displays on my Garmin to check our pace: 6:45. (Of course, my first thought was that I ran the Masser 5-Miler, the same race coming up this weekend, at an average pace only a few seconds slower last year. Good lord I need to do some speedwork!) We did that for two minutes before he slowed down for an easy two minutes.

We did another two-minute interval at 6:45ish pace, followed by another easy two-minute recovery. I remembered this particular interval workout (it’s from the Abs Diet book) now called for six 30-second intervals with 30 seconds of recovery between each.

Clark turned it up for those 30-second intervals. I thought I was seeing things wrong when I glanced down at my Garmin — every single one was around 5:40/mile pace. And remember, Clark was walking away from me, so he was running even faster.

I thought we were done after the sixth interval. This was where the surprise came in.

Clark measured off 60 yards(ish), marked the “finish line” with a stick in the road and said we had six more sprints to do. And we’d do them all in the direction that was on the (very slight) incline. Surprise!

I don’t know how accurate the Garmin was for those sprints, because it didn’t have much time to accurately catch the pace, but it was showing me 4:10/mile pace. The last one got down to 3:50! And again, those were my paces — Clark was leaving me in the dust every time.

Oh, by the way, the whole run, no matter how fast we were going or which one of us was carrying the leash, Pepper was just trotting along like it was nothing haha.

We finished off the last sprint and then ran easy the rest of the way home. We did a total of 3.6 miles.

This morning, I did strength training upstairs, including push-ups, ab exercises, invisible chair-sitting and weights. I didn’t have time to get in the run on the schedule before I had something to cover for work, so I’ll do that tonight.


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