A Simple Running Log

May 12, 2014

Training for 5/12/14

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Saturday, I did the Run or Dye 5K in Salisbury with my sister-in-law Kasey and her brother Wes. My brother drove us and took pictures, but he claims any running at all now hurts his knees, which I find super hard to believe. Pansy!

The three of us had registered as a team, which Kasey named The Krazy Schmidters. My friend Meredith pointed out the huge opportunity we’d missed out on by not naming our team The Runny Schmidts instead haha. Next time!

The run was scheduled to start at 9 a.m., but it took us until 9:15 to creep into the Shorebirds’ stadium parking lot and get parked. Any other race, I’d be freaking out about being that late to the start, but it didn’t matter at all in this case. I think about 3,700 people had registered for this run, which is not timed, and they were staggering the start to control the on-course crowd. We got in line at the start and finally took off around 9:30, and there were still plenty of people waiting to go behind us.

This is how Kasey, Wes and I looked before the run:

before race

The point of Run or Dye is to get coated in the multi-colored powder. There were a few powder stations along the course, where volunteers pelted us with it. The first one was right after the start. Dave got this picture of Kasey and me after the first station, looking unscathed for the most part:

first powder stop

Lame! The next station had blue powder. One volunteer nailed me right in the face and neck with a handful of it. Much better!

The course was a simple out-and-back along some back roads behind the stadium. After those first two stations, there weren’t any more until we’d made the turnaround and were almost done. I stayed with Kasey and Wes the whole way. We ran when Kasey felt like it, but we wound up walking most of it. It was fun to just take it easy for once.

Dave was still hanging out by the first/last powder station when we came through on our way to the finish line:

More colorful this time.

More colorful this time.

By this time, the powder on the ground was so thick you could pick it up by the handful, which is exactly what Wes did so he could throw it right in his sister’s face. Dave caught it in the best picture of the day:

kasey powder

I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent over the last two days looking at this picture and laughing! It’s perfect.

Anyway, we finished the run in about 42 minutes. Here we are immediately post-run:

after race

The powder is all corn starch, and tastes just like what’s left at the bottom of a box of Lucky Charms.

me after race

While we were standing near the finish, we heard a commotion, and looked over in time to see a couple getting engaged. Personally, I’d have kicked Clark in the balls if he’d done a big public proposal like that (not that he ever would have considered it — we have that whole “don’t look at me!” thing in common), but they both looked extremely happy, so I clapped for them with everyone else. They even still looked happy when the Run or Dye people dragged them up on stage to announce they’d gotten engaged, and then dumped an entire box of purple powder over their heads haha.

Kasey, Wes and I still had the two powder packets we’d each gotten with our race stuff, which we saved for one of the big “dye throws” after the race. We waited about 15 minutes for the next one. At the command of the Run or Dye people on stage, everyone in the crowd flung powder, while more Run or Dye people blew huge clouds of it with leaf blowers from the roofs of trailers.

This was the final product:

after dye throw

So, in the end, I guess we all ran AND dyed.

As soon as I got home, I threw everything in the washer and got myself in the shower. All that blue powder took some scrubbing to remove, but overall it wasn’t too hard to get clean again.

Clark had gone to a golf tournament with his family, so I hung out at home with Pepper the rest of the day. That evening was the NASCAR race from Kansas. I was mostly rooting for everyone not named Jimmie Johnson, but I was hoping Jeff Gordon would win one soon and get a spot in the Chase. I did two things to help him out — when I went in town to get beer, I left my car radio on volume level 24 (this is a big deal; I used to hate him so much, I’d put it on 23 or 25, but never 24), and I used Clark’s Jeff Gordon bottle opener to uncap my beers.

Clark got home and we both fell asleep with about 100 laps to go. Jimmie stupid Johnson was leading, so I wasn’t too interested in fighting off sleep.

However, we both woke up to see Gordon in victory lane! Which puts him in the Chase and keeps Jimmie stupid Johnson winless. I don’t know if it was the car radio or the bottle opener, but he’s welcome.

The next morning I told Clark I’d been rooting for Gordon, and he suggested Gordon could just be my new favorite driver since Bobby still doesn’t have a ride. I pretty much gave him this look:


Don’t get ahead of yourself.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. I originally planned to do my long run in the morning, but I did that thing where I stay in bed until it’s too late instead. I just did a lap around the 5.5-mile loop, and then Clark and I visited his mom and grandmother, and then picked up my mom and took her to lunch at The High Spot in Cambridge, where it was a perfect day to sit outside. Pepper even got to go.

We hung out with my family a little while longer after we got back from lunch, then got some more beers on the way home, ordered pizza, watched “Billy Madison” on TV and fell asleep on the couch again.

This morning, I finally did my long run! Since I’d run a little farther yesterday than I would have today, I lobbed off a bit of the distance from the intended 13-miler. I decided 10.5 miles would make me happy.

I never, ever look at the current weather conditions before I run, and today is a prime example of why. I didn’t need to know it was 80 degrees with high humidity when I started running, because I could feel it the whole way. I think I did OK with the heat though. I didn’t feel as much like dying as I did the last couple of warm runs, so that’s progress. Fortunately, it’s supposed to cool off before the St. Michaels half marathon Saturday.


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