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May 8, 2014

Training for 5/8/14

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First and most importantly, HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY, BOBBY LABONTE!!

A Google image search of Bobby brought up this gem:


Nice center part. I think we can all agree aging has agreed with Bobby.

Anyway! I had a long track workout on the schedule this morning, 10 400-meter repeats at 5K pace. With recovery, warm up and cool down, I was looking at a total of eight miles, or 32 laps around a 1/4-mile track. Yippee!

This morning was warmer and a lot muggier than yesterday. I wore a T-shirt to the track, but I pulled it off as soon as I’d finished my warm up mile, which, possibly coincidentally and possibly not, was exactly when a grounds maintenance guy showed up on a lawn tractor to do… something in the stadium. I never did figure out what he was actually accomplishing.

I was shooting for 1:45 at the worst on these repeats. There were 10 of them, so I can’t remember exactly what all the splits were, but I know the two slowest were 1:44. The two fastest were both 1:40. The other six were somewhere in between.

It was a tough workout. I didn’t feel too sore from running 10 miles yesterday morning or strength training in the afternoon, but the humidity was killing me. Guess I better get used to that again. I’m also still dealing with the blisters I get on both Achilles heels from a new pair of Zeros the first several times I wear them, before they get broken in. By the second or third repeat, I couldn’t really feel them anymore, but before that, I was considering throwing in the towel, they stung so bad.

I was completely drenched by the end of the workout. I went straight to Walmart to get my grocery shopping done though. Sorry, anyone who had to smell me in Walmart.


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