A Simple Running Log

May 7, 2014

Training for 5/7/14

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Last week, I made plans with my friend Allison to run with her this morning, when we’d both be free thanks to flexible work hours. After a 13-hour day yesterday that included two long, mind-numbingly boring meetings, running with a friend sounded a lot better than heading back into the office anyway.

Allison is also running the half marathon in St. Michaels next weekend. However, she hasn’t gotten to run much since she did the half at Shamrock almost two months ago, because she got bronchitis right after that race. The infection is gone, but it’s still affecting her lung capacity and breathing. She wanted to get in a solid double-digit run before St. Michaels, so we planned on 10 today, exactly 10 days before the race.

Last fall, Kara showed me a little “nature trail” that wound through and around a very large development just outside Easton. Allison and I met up about a mile down the road from the development, at a little pull-off on Oxford Road. It was a perfect morning for a run, bright and sunny, warm enough for shorts but not hot.

In her rush to get her “roommates” (kids) to school this morning, Allison had forgotten to bring the inhaler she still needs to run. Other than that, she was all set, and she was determined to get in all 10 miles without it.

We ran down the shoulder of Oxford Road until we got to the development, and then it was a short run down the main road until we found the nature trail crossing.

When Kara and I ran this last year, we only did about a mile on the trail itself before turning around and heading back to the car for a total of four miles, but she had said the trail continued for quite a while. I expected we’d be able to do five miles out and then turn around to make it 10.

Well, the trail did go farther, but not that much farther haha. We explored every little offshoot and dead end until we’d made a full circle back to where we’d first picked it up. Then we turned around and retraced our steps. By the time we were back to the development’s entrance on Oxford Road, we’d done about seven miles.

We crossed the road into another development, one through which the Talbot Hospice 10K runs the day after Thanksgiving. We ran about another two-plus miles in there, and then headed back to our cars parked along Oxford Road.

When we got back to the little pull-off where our cars were waiting, Allison’s watch was at 9.86 miles, so we kept on going past the cars until we got an even 10. She’d needed a few walk breaks because of her breathing trouble, and she said her feet started to bother her about seven miles in, but other than that, Allison ran pretty strong the whole way, and she’s feeling more confident about St. Michaels next weekend.

As for me, I ran 10 easy miles that were a hell of a lot more enjoyable than the 10 I did three days ago!

When I got home, I did some strength training upstairs, including ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weights.


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