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May 5, 2014

Training for 5/5/14

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Running did not go so well this weekend!

Saturday, I originally planned to do the 12-mile long run on the schedule. But then I didn’t get up in time to do it before I had to cover a quick thing for work, and I didn’t feel like doing it when I got back from that, so I swapped it with the 5-miler at goal half marathon pace on the schedule for the next day.

I further sabotaged myself by waiting until 1 p.m. to run it, on a warmish day in full sunlight, and eating not one but two soft-boiled eggs for lunch.

It was a terrible run! I did a mile to warm up and then tried to speed up to 7:45ish pace. I did manage to run the second mile in 7:40, but then I had to back off. I was just too hot and my stomach felt weird, probably because of those dumb eggs. The third mile came in at 8:15. Then things got really bad. I had to stop in the woods around mile 3.5, and then again another mile later. I finally made it home, thirsty, overheated and feeling like crap, having run 5.7 miles (I’d needed a bit of a detour to find an appropriate section of woods to take care of business the first time I had to go.)

About five minutes after I got home, a FedEx driver dropped off my new Zeros! Suddenly I was looking forward to my long run the next morning.

That afternoon, Clark and I went to Johnny Janosik and got a chair to replace the one Pepper ruined. Lucky for Pepper, the chair he unstuffed cost as much as he did — nothing. However, the one that has replaced it cost substantially more, so he’s not allowed on it. Of course, he ruined the other chair when we were asleep on the couch, and he could very well do that again, so we sprung for the $60 10-year warranty that covers rips and tears in the fabric. We made sure it would be covered even if our jerkface dog was the perpetrator.

We swapped out the chairs the next morning. Here’s Pepper trying to look sorry he ruined the old one:

Not selling it, Pepper.

Not selling it, Pepper.

And here’s the new one:

new chair

Sunday morning, I went out to knock out the week’s long run.

It’s just starting to get warm here, which, as much as I love summer, is a struggle to readjust to every year for me. I try to remember that, but it doesn’t make the sucky runs every year any easier.

It was about 70 and bright and sunny when I left the house around 9 a.m. I had my new Zeros on, a full water bottle, two salt caps, a GU and a tube of ChapStick. I was all set, but as soon as I started running, I just was not into it.

I wasn’t sore or tired or hungover. I was just not feeling it. I tried to force it though. The first several miles were OK. Then, around mile 6, I found myself running head-on into a strong wind for the first time, and what little was left of my motivation took a severe nosedive.

I’d already decided I was going to cut short the intended 12-miler by about two miles when I felt like I had to go to the bathroom. Of course! I made a seemingly uneventful stop in the woods, and then continued my slow trudge back toward home.

Over the next two miles, I became increasingly aware of a stinging or burning sensation in a, well, sensitive area. Not to go into too much detail, but sometimes if I can’t wipe my butt well enough after a mid-run stop, it can lead to chafing where you really don’t want chafing. I thought that was all it was, but it was getting way worse than any of the minor chafing I’d experienced before.

Less than a mile and a half from home, I couldn’t take it anymore. I stopped in the woods again to try to clean things up better, if that was the problem.

It was not the problem.

Apparently I’d nicked myself while wiping with leaves or something, because my butt was stinging due to the CUT ON IT. WHICH WAS BLEEDING.

It was awful! There was nothing to do but get home. That last remaining mile was the fastest of the day. I’d finished 10 of 12 intended miles when I got home, but all I cared about was my poor butt, obviously.

I’ll just say the shower I took yesterday was the most painful one of my life. Anyone who’s ever been chafed knows how bad it stings when the water hits it. Well, imagine that times 100.

So that was the cherry on top of a real crap sundae of running this weekend! It happens. Moving on!

I went to Julie’s house for lunch that afternoon, where my friends gave me a Nike gift card for my birthday. I got home in time to see the end of the Talladega race, which Jimmie stupid Johnson did not win! Again!

Today, I’m heading right back into my attempts at training with strength training and a short, easy (and I hope poop-free) run.



  1. Hang in there with the motivation bit. I understand how you feel – I was like that two years ago with swimming. Now I’m actually writing easy weeks into my training plan so I don’t burn out. I do very little swimming or lifting during those weeks. I think it has helped me regain some of my mojo. And take care of that cut, Razor Butt Barbie! 😀

    Comment by kafishgirl — May 6, 2014 @ 7:47 am | Reply

    • Hahaha thanks for bringing up Razor Butt Barbie! I’ve had plenty of “easy weeks” without even having to write them into a training plan. I need to get my butt back in gear!

      Comment by aschmid3 — May 6, 2014 @ 10:29 am | Reply

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