A Simple Running Log

April 21, 2014

Training for 4/21/14

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Saturday, I did my long run for the week. I’d done a lot of leg exercises when I did my strength training the day before, so my legs were tired from the start. It started out tough and just got tougher. I got through the entire 11.2-mile loop though, at something around an 8:44/mile pace, I think.

That afternoon, Clark and I had thought about going to an “adult Easter egg hunt” at 3rd Wave Brewery, but the surf report was improving, so we went to the beach instead.

Clark met his dad down at the Indian River inlet to go surfing, but I decided to stay in Fenwick and take the paddleboard out again, this time in the bay instead of the ocean.

Paddleboarding went much better this time — I didn’t get anywhere close to being stranded haha. I paddled up the bay and back. It took about a half hour to get to the turnaround point, with the wind at my back, and almost twice as long to get back, paddling against it.

That evening, we drove home through Salisbury so we could get Pepper’s nails ground at PetSmart. The dog flipped out the whole way into the grooming area, but as soon as the groomers let him behind the counter, he hopped right up on the table and just stood there calmly while they did his nails. I don’t get him.

When they let him down off the table, Pepper started flipping out again. The one groomer opened the swinging door to let him out from behind the counter, and he somehow managed to get his head slammed in it, which made him squeal. When he successfully got through the swinging door, he suddenly had something so wrong with one of his rear paws he had to hold it up off the floor, which made him start spinning in circles in the corner of the grooming area haha.

I was dying laughing at him! The groomers seemed a little concerned, but I assured them he’d forget about his “hurt paw” in less than five minutes, and he was fine. Sure enough, he hadn’t even gotten out of the store before he was running on it again.

Our last stop of the evening was 3rd Wave, to get a growler for Corey’s birthday the next day. We left Pepper in the truck. We decided to get a couple pints while we were in there. We could hear Pepper barking his head off the whole time. The bartender heard me say something about it, and he said dogs were allowed in the tasting room. Like we didn’t love 3rd Wave already, now we can take Pepper in there with us!

Sunday morning, I did 3 easy miles before church. It turned into a progression run, but that’s only because of the direction the wind was blowing — directly in my face the first mile, from the side the second and at my back the third.

After church, I made some fruit salad, and then we went over to my parents’ house for my family’s Easter dinner. I got there early enough to help Aunt Helen decorate for Corey’s birthday, and hide all the candy for Jamie’s egg hunt before dinner. As usual, there was a point that Jamie couldn’t find the last few miniature chocolate eggs out in the yard, and I was called out to (unsuccessfully) try to remember exactly where I’d hidden every one of them. I know Bandit got at least one of them, so who knows how many he found when we weren’t looking.

Today, I did strength training upstairs, including ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weight lifting, and then Pepper and I did another easy 3-miler on the road.


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