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April 14, 2014

Training for 4/14/14

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I didn’t post Friday, but I did go to hot yoga in the morning and then to Trap Pond State Park in Laurel for a short run, since I skipped so many earlier in the week.

It was a very nice day Friday, except for running haha. It feels weird to already be complaining about heat, after whining about the cold for so long, but that’s just how it is.

I probably should have eaten something between yoga and the run, but I didn’t feel like stopping anywhere on the drive there, so I didn’t. Between that and it being the warmest day on which I’ve run in months, I could tell from the first step of the 4.5-mile loop it was going to be a struggle.

I made it 2.5 miles — still far from the end, but too far to turn around — before I’d just had enough. Then I got an inspiration. The Ocean City half marathon is only two weeks away, and I’ve only done one run at the run-walk intervals I need to learn to lead the 2:50 pace group, so I decided to try those for the last two miles back to the car.

I set up the Garmin to measure out the intervals for me. The first mile was way too fast, and the second one was actually a little too slow. The average was also too fast. I’m a little nervous about this pacing thing now. Seems like a lot of anxiety to go through just to save the $75 on the race entry fee, but I’m in, so I’ll do my best.

That evening, Clark, one of his coworkers, a friend of the coworker’s and I went to the O’s game in Baltimore. We all had a pretty good time, though the O’s lost. They lost the last time I went to a game too, so I’m starting to think I’m bad luck.

Saturday, Clark and I drove up to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, where our friend Mark, who flies Black Hawks for the Maryland National Guard, got us onto a flight on a Black Hawk with a bunch of guardsmen who were there for their weekend drill. Technically, Mark had gotten approval from his superior, but I think also technically we probably weren’t supposed to be on that chopper. We signed all the liability waivers though.

On the way there, we stopped at a gas station, where I found this sign above the toilet in the women’s bathroom:

poop chair

Before we got to fly in a helicopter, Mark showed us one in a hangar. He said he could have taught us both how to fly it in five minutes, but I have my doubts. There were a LOT of switches!

Clark and me in the cockpit of a Blackhawk.

Clark and me in the cockpit of a Black Hawk.

Mark showing Clark one of the Black Hawk's twin turbine engines.

Mark showing Clark one of the Black Hawk’s twin turbine engines.

The flight itself was short, but really cool. They flew with the side doors wide open. Clark was sitting on the outside and couldn’t stop worrying he’d accidentally release his harness and fall out haha. Near the end, we were coming back to the Army base, and the helicopter suddenly dipped very low near a field on the base. The trees at the other end of the field were coming up fast. The pilot pulled up just in time though. We found out they’d done that on purpose, just to see if they could scare any of us — Mark said another favorite trick is to turn off the freaking engines in mid-air and let it free fall before firing them back up 100 ft. from the ground, just to see the looks on passengers’ faces!

View from the sky.

View from the sky.

We got dinner with Mark before he had to go back to base, because they were flying a nighttime training mission. Clark and I got home nearly four hours after Pepper’s usual dinner/bathroom time, but miraculously, he hadn’t gone to the bathroom in the floor! He did pee for about two minutes straight as soon as we let him out though, and glared at us both the whole time.

We were home in time to see the second half of the NASCAR race from Darlington, which we’d been listening to on the radio. It sounded like Jimmie stupid Johnson had gotten off to a bad start, but, after some adjustments on his car, was making his way through the field. About 20 laps from the end, he was second and closing on the leader, Kevin Harvick. But then Harvick turned it up, and was pulling away.

Naturally, with 10 laps to go, there was a caution. The leaders all pitted. Johnson only took two fresh tires and was the first one out. Three more drivers took two, and then Harvick came out fifth, the first car in line with four fresh tires. It looked like Johnson’s smarmy little crew chief might have made a race-winning call. I was not happy!

But I shouldn’t have panicked. Dale Earnhardt Jr. got around Johnson, and then Harvick crushed them both to get the lead back on the final lap and get his second win of the season. It was awesome! I can’t believe we’re heading into the Easter break and Johnson is still winless! I know this won’t last, but damn does it feel good while it does.

The next morning, we were eating breakfast, when Clark caught me smiling ear to ear. He asked me what was so funny, and I said I was just that happy about Johnson getting beat over and over again this year. I still don’t have a favorite active driver, but I sure do have a least favorite.

That big dumb grin got wiped off my face later though. It was supposed to get up in the low 80s yesterday, so of course I lazed about for much of the morning before going out to do the 10.5-mile long run I had on my schedule.

For the first time this year, I left the house shirtless. I had my hair tucked into my hat (I hate when the ponytail gets wet and then swings back and forth across my upper back like a wet rope), my water bottle filled and a salt cap and a GU in the pocket.

It didn’t feel too hot at first, but I slowly got more and more uncomfortable. On top of the cloudless sky and the high temperatures, the wind was also blowing at 17 mph.

The last few miles were a bit of a struggle, but I made it. I ran the whole loop in 1:32, an 8:48/mile average. I got a little burnt, and the beginnings of this year’s sports bra tan lines have already started forming on my shoulders, back and chest.

Last night, Clark and I went to dinner with his family to celebrate his aunt’s birthday. Once again, we had to leave Pepper home alone, and once again, he didn’t poop in the utility room!

Today, I’m doing strength training and then taking Pepper for a short easy run, probably on the trail since the wind is blowing so hard again.


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