A Simple Running Log

April 3, 2014

Training for 4/3/14

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Last night, my in-laws offered to take us out for dinner to celebrate my birthday, so I picked Hemingway’s, right on the eastern side of the Chesapeake Bay, near the bridge. We got there at sunset, and I got this picture of the view:

bay sunset

Dinner was really good, and was capped off by a chocolate-on-chocolate birthday cake my mother-in-law made. I got the leftovers.

This morning, I had a 40-minute tempo run on the schedule. However, that leftover birthday cake was calling to me, as I am a total sucker for chocolate. So I wolfed down some of that before I went out to run, knowing it wasn’t a good idea. In the immortal words of Clark, “I don’t care; tastes good!”

I took off down the road in shorts in a T-shirt. My stomach was not happy with me. I decided to scrap the speed and just be happy with the miles.

Two miles in, I was uncomfortably warm in that shirt, so I stopped and stripped it off. I immediately felt a LOT better. The next couple of miles were OK, but then I felt those old familiar gut pangs. Right before the 5-mile mark, I had to make a stop in the woods. I guess I deserved that one.

The rest of the run was fine. I finished 7.3 miles in a little over an hour, an 8:29/mile overall average pace. A fail on the tempo run, but miles are miles.


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