A Simple Running Log

April 1, 2014

Training for 4/1/14

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Happy birthday to ME!

I have another long day at work today, so I got up early enough to get in the easy run on the schedule before the first meeting of the day. Appropriately, it was a nearly perfect morning for a run. The wind had died for the first time since last week, it was clear and the sun was just coming up. If only it’d been a little warmer, but I guess I can’t have everything.

I queued up “Birthday” by the Beatles on my iPod as I took off down the road, and, when it was done, switched to Breaking Benjamin’s entire library on shuffle. Somewhere past the first mile, a neighbor was letting his diesel truck warm up, and the air smelled like diesel exhaust for a few minutes, one of my absolute favorite smells on the planet. I ran the 4.5-mile loop at an easy 8:23/mile pace. It was a pretty good run.

Yesterday, I got a card in the mail from Aunt Helen. She always sends one that either has a weimaraner or a beer on it. Well I guess she couldn’t find any that met her standards this time, so she modified one:

card front

That’s a picture of me trying to calm down Pepper at our family’s Christmas dinner in 2010, right after we got him, when he was even more skittish than he is now haha.

And then here’s the inside:

card inside

Aunt Helen has always expressed disdain with our habit of allowing Pepper on the furniture, because his “hiney hole” touches it haha. She also considers his face the same thing as his butt, since he “always has his face in it anyway.”

Since I have to work late tonight, Clark took me out for dinner last night. I’d considered putting it off so we could watch the “How I Met Your Mother” finale, but we figured we’d just find out later what happened, and went to The High Spot in Cambridge.

While we were there, I got a text from my brother, who has never watched a full episode of the show, but found himself home with nothing better to do last night, so he watched the finale. He assumed I must have watched it, so he texted me the finale was dumb, which led to the following exchange:

texts 1

texts 2

texts 3

texts 4

Judging by the torrent of wailing about how bad the finale sucked on the internet today, I definitely made the right choice by going to dinner.


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