A Simple Running Log

March 25, 2014

Training for 3/25/14

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This morning, I went to the high school track in town for the first time since Thanksgiving, I think. I had seven 400-meter repeats on the schedule.

It’s pretty freaking cold for late March here. In fact, it’s supposed to snow later today — check that, it is snowing here now. Anyway, the track was completely empty when I got there.

I did a mile to warm up, and then took off for the first repeat. These things are supposed to be done at 5K pace. I have a 5K coming up this weekend. I have no idea what kind of pace I’ll be able to run for 3.1 miles right now, but I decided anything around 7:00/mile pace — 1:45 for each 400-meter repeat — would be good for today.

The first one was done in 1:41 or 1:42. It’s been so long since I used the Timex, I forgot what buttons start and stop laps, and I hit the Indiglo button instead of stopping the timer.

Anyway, I got the thing straightened out again in time for the second repeat, which I ran in 1:41.

The last five were all 1:38 or 1:39 each. All in all, a successful interval workout.

I did another two miles to cool down, for a total of 6.5 miles today.


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