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March 24, 2014

Training for 3/24/14

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Saturday morning, I did an easy 3-miler, and then Clark and I drove over to St. Michaels to look at the stand-up paddleboard for sale. It was in pretty good shape and a good deal, so we took it. I now have a paddleboard!

We went straight to Ocean City from there. We first stopped at K-Coast to get some wetsuit accessories, since, even though it was nearly 70 degrees that day, the water was still down around 40. He got a hood, and I got a pair of boots and a pair of gloves. I almost didn’t get the gloves since I’d be standing up on the board and thus wouldn’t be in the water nearly as much as when on a surfboard, but Clark said his hands got painfully cold almost immediately the one time recently he tried to surf without them, so I invested in a pair for myself.

From there, we went to the beach house in Fenwick so I could first try the board on the canal. It didn’t take me long to feel comfortable on the board again. This one was meant to be able to be rented by pretty much anyone, so it’s very long and pretty wide.


I really wanted to take the thing in the ocean though, so we loaded it and Clark’s surfboard back into the truck and drove back into Ocean City.

There were a few people on the beach, but no one else out in the water. I went out first, while Clark and Pepper stayed on the beach.

The waves weren’t particularly big Saturday afternoon, but it was really windy. The wind was blowing off the coast toward the water. I got the board past the breakers and then kept paddling to try to get to smoother water so I could stand up.

Apparently that board skims along like a cork in the water, because by the time I stood up on it and looked behind me, I was waaaay farther from shore than I wanted to be. But when I tried to head back, I could barely get the damn thing turned around, let alone paddle it against that wind and the strong current.

That was a pretty bad feeling, being that far from shore and feeling stuck! I dropped back down to my knees to see if I could get more leverage on the paddle from there, but it didn’t feel like I was making any progress that way either. In fact, it felt like I was just drifting farther away by the second.

I then laid on my stomach to try to paddle it with my hands, like a surfboard (so grateful for those gloves!) but the thing was so wide I couldn’t do that either.

I felt like Pepper must feel when we throw a blanket over him and he struggles to get out from under it for a few seconds before accepting that this is just the way it is. I live on a paddleboard off the coast of Ocean City now, I guess.

I still had one more chance though — I got off the board completely, held it under my right arm and started swimming to shore for all I was worth with the left one.

I was finally making progress, but it was really slow going. I didn’t want to rest for even a few seconds though, because it felt like if I stopped swimming it would completely erase what little progress I had made. So I just kept going.

Clark realized I was in trouble, and he asked a couple people to hold on to Pepper so he could come help me. He was mostly concerned I was going to freeze to death, because my wetsuit isn’t as thick as his. Maybe it was just because I was struggling so hard, but I never once felt cold, so I at least had that going for me.

When he got to me, he held onto the nose of the board, in front of me, and I held on to the rear, and we started swimming again. Every now and then he’d kick some water onto my head, the only exposed part on me, and it was shocking just how cold it was. It actually hurt when it landed.

Finally, we made it back to the breakers, and a wave came along and propelled us far enough we could touch the bottom again. I dragged that board out of the water and back down the beach to our stuff, while Clark got Pepper back.

I was completely wiped out, but so happy to be on dry land again! I won’t be going back in the ocean with that thing until I’ve gotten better at paddling, that’s for sure.

I sat with Pepper while Clark took out the surfboard. He’s starting to really get the hang of it! He got up and rode in a couple of waves.

When he came back, he asked if I wanted to try the surfboard, but I was done with the ocean for the day. We took everything back to the beach house, changed back into dry clothes and took Pepper to Dogfish Head. I really wanted a beer or two after that ordeal.

We went back to the beach house after Dogfish Head to put away all our wetsuit stuff, which we’d hung out to dry. I got some pictures of Pepper and the sunset:

Pepper's thinking, "Nope, still not a fan of the water."

Pepper’s thinking, “Nope, still not a fan of the water.”

The view from the beach house, looking down the canal.

The view from the beach house, looking down the canal.

Sunday, I had the week’s long run on the schedule, which was to be a 7-miler.

I took my time getting outside. It was much cooler than the day before, and windy again. I had a pretty good run though. I did the 7.3-mile loop in an hour and change, which worked out to an 8:29/mile average.

That afternoon, we watched the NASCAR race from California. Jimmie stupid Johnson was dominating it, and it looked like he was going to get his first win of the season, unfortunately. But then, just a handful of laps from the end, one of his tires exploded and he had to pit to replace it. It was great!

Today, I’m doing some strength training and then taking Pepper to the trail for a short run.

One last thing — Friday night, a friend sent me a picture of a weimaraner in a shelter in Lewes, and asked if Clark and I were interested in adopting another one:


Look at that sweet face! She said he was 2 years old, had been rescued from a bad situation and had survived a risky major abdominal surgery.

Of course my first reaction was to drive straight to Lewes and bring him home, but Clark said if I got a second weimaraner, I was going to be down a husband haha. Plus, I know Pepper would be really mad if he had to share any attention with another dog.

The next morning, Pepper was stomping around on our bed, trying to get comfortable after eating his breakfast, as usual, when Clark said “Can you imagine if we had a TEAM of these things?”

I’m sure he’ll find a good home, but I guess it just won’t be this one!


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