A Simple Running Log

March 21, 2014

Training for 3/21/14

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This morning, I did some strength training upstairs, including ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and lifting, and then I did some stretching downstairs.

This weekend, I’m supposed to do a 3-mile easy run tomorrow morning and a 7-mile long run Sunday.

I’m more excited about something else I’m doing tomorrow morning though. I’ve really wanted a stand-up paddleboard since I took that lesson last summer, but they’re pretty expensive — much more expensive than surfboards, because they use so much more material.

One of my friends told me about a place in St. Michaels that rents them, and is selling off some of last year’s rental boards to buy new ones before they reopen for the season. I got in contact with the shop owner, and he’s going to meet Clark and me at the shop tomorrow morning so we can look at one of the leftover rentals. The price is about as good as we’re going to find for a used board that’s not beat all to hell, and it includes a new adjustable paddle. It’s a 12′ all-around model, meaning it can go in the ocean and surf waves as well as cruise on smooth water.

If I do get this board, it’s going to stay down at the beach house in Fenwick so everyone else can use it too. The only problem is it’s too long to be hauled in Clark’s truck, so I might need to get a roof rack for my car so I can take it somewhere to get it out in the ocean.

I don’t have to worry about that unless I actually get this thing though, so, first things first.

Other than the paddleboard, my only other plans are watching the NASCAR race from California on Sunday afternoon.


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