A Simple Running Log

March 6, 2014

Training for 3/6/14

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This morning, Pepper took me for my fastest run in weeks.

I wanted to do the 4.5-mile loop. It was a gray, cold, breezy day, so I put Pepper in his dork jacket and harness and hit the road as early as possible, before the wind started blowing any harder.

I let Pepper set the pace, and just tried to keep up. The first mile was head-on into the wind, and he kept stopping to pee on things. The Garmin beeped the first mile down in 8:10.

By that time, we’d made a turn and were no longer running into the wind, and Pepper had gotten all the pee out of his system, so we managed to keep a more steady pace for the second mile, which was done in 7:26.

I wondered if I’d be able to keep up with him if he kept speeding up. The pace was challenging, but I wasn’t dying. Mile 3 beeped and I looked at the Garmin: 7:16.

OK, do I have one more faster mile in me today? Pepper slowed a step when we came up on a small gathering of very small birds up ahead in the road (horrifying), but we polished off mile 4 in 7:11!

Right after we finished that last full mile, we made a turn to see yet another state roads crew, this time trimming branches off a tree on the side of the road. The truck was taking up one lane of the road, so there was a guy with a flag to direct the few cars passing through the remaining lane.

As we approached, Pepper of course slowed way down and kept an eye on that big loud, scary truck. I kept telling him it was OK and to keep moving, and we’d be past it soon enough.

Just as we got to the truck, and were right in front of the guy with the flag, one of the branches fell into the bed of the truck, making a huge metallic banging noise. I’d shortened up Pepper’s leash and locked it to keep him close to me, which backfired here because that meant I was already practically on his heels when he reacted to that noise by coming to an immediate stop and flattening himself to the road.

I wish I could have seen myself as I tried to leap over him while making sure I didn’t land on him or the stick he’d been carrying, which was made more difficult by the fact I had that shortened leash in my hand. I don’t know if it was the noise from the falling branch or seeing my legs suddenly come flying over his head, but something scared Pepper so bad he dropped the stick too haha.

The guy with the flag could barely contain his laughter. When he saw me already laughing, he let it go.

I peeled my terrified dog off the road, helped him remember how to hold the stick in his mouth and got him moving again. I think we made that road crew guy’s day!

Anyway, we finished off the last quarter-mile of the run. We ran the whole loop in 34:54, an overall average pace of 7:26/mile.

I was really happy with that run! First, it was my third consecutive day of running, which I haven’t done in a long time, and my leg felt great the whole way, no soreness or weakness. And second, the third and fourth miles were the fastest I’ve run since I got that Garmin for Christmas (and probably for quite a while before that too.)

I ran in the Zeros again today. They feel so much easier to run fast in. I like the 890s, and will keep doing easy runs in them, but the Zeros just feel so much more like a running shoe to me. I’m happy to be back in them!


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