A Simple Running Log

March 4, 2014

Training for 3/4/14

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I got up early this morning so I could get in a short easy run before my regular Tuesday morning meeting.

We got some more snow yesterday, and it’s been way below freezing since, so it hadn’t gone anywhere. Snow on its own isn’t too hard to run through, but unfortunately, the snow had been preceded by rain and sleet before it finally switched over, so there was a sheet of ice underneath.

I originally planned on doing my 4.5-mile loop, but by the time I’d fed Pepper, let him out to poop (which he did!), pulled on 19 layers of running clothes and wrestled the YakTrax onto my running shoes, I only had time for the 3-mile out-and-back.

It was bitterly cold when I stepped outside, but at least the winds were almost completely calm, and the sun was coming up.

The roads were solid ice almost the whole way. The YakTrax dug right in, and I had no trouble running. There were a couple of patches of clear pavement though, and it sounded like I was destroying them when I could hear them crunching underfoot. However, they looked OK when I got back home.

It looked like I was getting the hang of running while wearing those things, according to the Garmin, because my three miles were 9:13, 8:56 and 8:43, an overall average pace around 8:56/mile.

I was happy to have that out of the way, since I also had an evening meeting scheduled today. Of course, it turns out the evening meeting has been postponed because of the road conditions, which means I could have just gone home after the morning meeting and run in the afternoon. Oh well.


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