A Simple Running Log

March 3, 2014

Training for 3/3/14

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I had a couple of good runs this weekend.

Saturday, I wanted to do a shortish run. Clark had to run a couple of errands in the morning, so I took the time to clean out the enormous pile of running clothes that had been building in my closet. I also dug out every pair of New Balances I’ve gotten since 2004.


I only saved the pairs I’m currently wearing and a few that had some kind of significance. Like the ones Bobby Labonte signed, of course.

In the afternoon, I ran my 5.5-mile loop, in my Zeros, with some faster intervals in the second and third miles. I think I ran the whole loop in about an 8:30/mile average.

Sunday started out really sunny and warm, in the 60s. Clark went for a run in the morning in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt and came back sweaty. I was supposed to meet Allison in the mid-afternoon for 10 miles of run-walk intervals. There was a storm coming, but the Weather Channel promised it wouldn’t start raining until the evening, and it wouldn’t get cold enough to turn to sleet until much later. I put on shorts and a thin long-sleeved shirt, thinking I’d be doing enough walking that a short-sleeved shirt might get a little chilly.

Just on the drive to Allison’s house, about 35 minutes away, it got cloudy and noticeably cooler. I still wasn’t worried though. It wasn’t supposed to rain for hours.

We both put on baseball hats and headed out for a 5-mile out-and-back on the back roads near her house. I had my Garmin set to measure out two-minute run and three-minute walk intervals. We were doing an OK job of running at a 10:00/mile pace, and then slowing to a 16:00/mile walk.

Somewhere in the third mile, it started to sprinkle on us a bit. We both laughed about how much it would suck if it picked up, but oh well, we were already out there. It didn’t pick up though. Instead, it completely stopped. I thought we were good.

We kept up the run/walk intervals, talking and having a pretty good time. We made it to five miles and briefly considered even going a little farther, we were having such a good time, but turned around. We made it about another mile before it started sprinkling again.

This time, the sprinkles did not taper off. They quickly escalated into a full-on downpour. The wind had been at our backs the whole way out, but now it was in our face, and blowing sheets of cold rain with it.

We were quickly soaked through, both of us totally underdressed, and still had more than three miles to go to get home. I asked Allison if she wanted to skip the walk intervals and just run back to her house to get out of the rain. She immediately agreed.

Neither one of us said much the rest of the way home, except to complain about how freaking cold we were. I couldn’t feel my legs! They were completely numb. I couldn’t feel my shorts against my skin at all. It felt like I was running down the road naked from the waist down.

My hands were also painfully cold. I’d have killed for a pair of gloves. Allison’s sleeves were long enough she could pull them over her hands, and they kept making her Garmin, which had a touchscreen bezel, beep uncontrollably. She sounded like some kind of robot, which was about the only thing that was at all funny the rest of the way home.

Eventually, we made it back to her house. Allison was pretty happy with how fast we’d run those last three miles; they were the fastest three consecutive miles she’d run in a long time, and she’s hoping to run a PR at Shamrock. I didn’t think she seemed like she’d been working hard to maintain it either.

Anyway, we ran 10 miles in 1:58:something. The first seven miles weren’t exactly the pace I was trying to learn, 12:54/mile, but most of them were pretty close. It would have been insanely boring alone, but it wasn’t bad at all with someone to talk to. I should probably do a couple more runs like that before the Ocean City half marathon.

We were so happy to get back in her house and out of the rain! Allison took this picture of us:

post run

Luckily, I’d thought to bring a change of clothes with me (because I thought I’d be sweaty when we were done, ha!) We both felt better after we got into warm, dry clothes and had a beer, but I didn’t fully warm up again until I’d gotten home and taken a hot shower.

As much as the rain screwed us over, the fact is I still ran 15.5 miles this weekend, and my leg feels normal today!

However, I’m not continuing my running streak today. It’s snowing its ass off here. It started this morning and is supposed to go all day. I’ll do some strength training soon though. Downstairs, of course. I’ll be really happy if this turns out to be the last winter weather we get this year.


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