A Simple Running Log

February 17, 2014

Training for 2/17/14

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The last time I posted was last Wednesday. Time sure slips away when I’m not really following a training plan!

Thursday, I decided not to run since I’d just run the day before. But I got bored, so I broke out a Billy Blanks tae bo workout DVD that I don’t think I’ve done in about four years. I was sweating by the end, but it didn’t feel like much of a workout. I did enjoy the blast from the past though.

Friday, I wanted to do my 5.5-mile loop. I felt a little unsettled in the gut region, but I went for it anyway, taking Pepper with me. That was a mistake. Less than a mile down the road, I was running for the first patch of woods I could find. There was a thick layer of briars at the edge and I was wearing capri length tights because it was such a relatively warm day, so I scratched the hell out of my right shin. As soon as I felt like I could run again, Pepper and I hightailed it back to the house. I ran a total of 1.5 miles that day.

That night, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Clark and I stayed in with wine, chocolate and a Crock Pot of chicken jambalaya, and watched a couple of cheesy romantic comedies on the satellite dish.

Saturday, I tried another run. It went a lot better, and I finished the 4.5-mile loop without incident. That afternoon, I went to Julie’s house so my friends and I could finally exchange Christmas gifts (and so I could snuggle with Julie’s new English bulldog puppy.) Julie gave me a silver necklace with a little runner girl pendant. I really like it.

Saturday night, Mike came over and he, Clark and I watched the Sprint Unlimited, the non-points race for drivers who either won a pole last year or had won that particular race before. Jimmie stupid Johnson was the first to wreck! After getting turned by Kevin Harvick, who, as a result of that, is now the frontrunner in the official race to be my new favorite driver. Bobby Labonte is not retired per se, but he only has a part-time ride in an undetermined number of races with an underfunded team, so he seems to be doing a fade out. It’s more than a little depressing, and I don’t feel like saying any more about it.

Sunday, I intended to run my 7.3-mile loop. Well, first I let the morning slip away, dozing on the couch. Then Daytona 500 qualifying started. Then my mom and little sister stopped by in the late afternoon to drop off a birthday card for Clark. By the time they left, it was dark outside, and I’d already had a couple of beers, so on the couch I stayed. Sunday turned into a rest day.

This morning, when Clark left for work, I left too, to knock out that 7-miler. It was bitterly cold, and pretty windy on top of it, which just made it that much worse. I was running into the wind the first mile. My hands were so cold, even inside gloves, they were starting to get painful. When I made a turn out of the wind, however, the wind wasn’t so bad and I warmed up slightly, including my fingers. The rest of the run wasn’t terrible. I’m really looking forward to later this week though, when it’s supposed to warm up to nearly 60 degrees.


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