A Simple Running Log

January 23, 2014

Training for 1/23/14

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Today, I put on my big girl pants and went out in 2 degrees for some more run/walk intervals.

Actually, I put on my big girl tights, fleece pants, compression mock neck top, long-sleeved shirt, cold weather jacket, fleece hat, fleece scarf wrapped around the bottom half of my face, huge thick fleece gloves, SmartWool socks and trail shoes, because the roads weren’t totally clear but they weren’t consistently snowy or icy enough to use the YakTrax.

It took forever to get dressed! I can’t wait until it’s warm enough again that all I have to find is a pair of shorts, a bra and some socks.

I left Pepper home. All day yesterday, he refused to go out in the snow until he was moments away from crapping his pants, and then as soon as he was done, he would sprint back to the door and stand there with one paw held aloft (always a different one) like it had already been frostbitten and the gangrene was setting in.

I set my Garmin to measure out run/walk intervals for me again. This time, I extended the run intervals from one minute to two, kept the walk intervals at two minutes and planned on stretching the distance from two to three miles.

It really didn’t feel that bad out there with all those clothes on. It was at least sunny, with absolutely no wind. I started the first two-minute run interval and was pretty thrilled to feel absolutely nothing in my left leg. Zero pain.

I did all three miles, and felt nothing the whole way. The running intervals flew by because it felt so damn good to be running again! I stuck to my plan and walked when the watch beeped at me to do so. I did three miles in 33:21, an 11:07/mile average.

Maybe Saturday I’ll try running a few miles straight through. Or I might just wait until we get out to California, since it’ll be so much warmer, with no snow or ice on the ground.


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