A Simple Running Log

January 22, 2014

Training for 1/22/14

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I’m still here! Still not running except for a little run/walk interval test a couple of days ago, but I think that’s about to change, finally.

I haven’t posted since last Friday. Saturday morning, I went to another 75-minute hot yoga class. I was pretty disappointed when I got in the room and it wasn’t even warm, let alone melt-your-face hot. No one else seemed to be complaining, so I thought maybe I was going crazy for a few minutes, until the teacher finally stepped in and turned on the heat. It warmed up pretty quick, and the class went well.

That evening, Clark and I went with my brother, sister-in-law and cousin to a fundraiser for one of the crop duster pilots who rents the airstrip on my aunt’s farm. My aunts, uncle and dad had bought a total of 17 tickets, at $30 a pop, and we were the only five who went. My brother said my dad’s excuse was it was “too windy” and he needed to be home in case something happened to set off a chicken house alarm haha. My dad is a creature of habit and a homebody.

Sunday morning, I took my new 890s out for a run/walk test. I did two miles of running for one minute and then walking for two. I’m seriously trying to ease back into running slowly this time. I don’t want to aggravate any of the old aches and pains, or inspire something new to start complaining.

It went pretty well. I can’t say there was no pain at all, but it wasn’t much and it felt better as I went along. I counted it as a success.

That afternoon, we went to the beach house to get my wetsuit, for our trip to California next week, and then we did a little shopping in the surf shops in Ocean City, got some beer and went home to watch the football playoff games.

Monday and Tuesday, I had early assignments at work, and then didn’t feel like working out when I got home, so they both turned into rest days.

It snowed yesterday afternoon and last night, and got really bitterly cold again. This was the temperature this morning:


I usually start complaining when the “feels like” temp drops below 20. I didn’t even think about going out for some more run/walk intervals if it felt like -12.

So I did strength training in the comfort of my own climate-controlled living room instead, with the stability ball and adjustable dumbbells again. I did push-ups, ab exercises, invisible chair-sitting and the dumbbell routine from the Abs Diet book, with four sets of 100 on the rope thrown in.

Tomorrow shouldn’t be so damn windy, so the “feels like” temp in the morning should get on the positive side of 0, in which case I think I’ll try some more run/walk intervals.

If I wasn’t looking forward to California before, I definitely am now, after seeing it’s going to be close to 70 while we’re out there.


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