A Simple Running Log

January 15, 2014

Training for 1/15/14

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Well, I didn’t have the willpower to stay off the couch last night and do my strength training after all, but I did finally get it done today.

I again did the workout I did downstairs last week, with the adjustable dumbbells. First I did ab exercises, push-ups and invisible chair-sitting. I also threw in another four sets of 100 on the jumprope.

Poor Pepper almost had a heart attack though. He’s been afraid of that jumprope since we got it anyway, and this morning, I hadn’t swung it twice before one of the handles came unscrewed and the weights inside went flying across the kitchen. They didn’t hit anything but the floor, and Pepper wasn’t anywhere close to the line of fire, but it still scared the poop out of him of course. He was shaking so hard, I had to hold him for a minute to calm him down, and any time I’d pick up the rope after that, he’d go scurrying to the couch to take cover haha.

I got something else accomplished today too. A couple of years ago, when I was getting over a foot injury, I found it helpful to put in some miles in the first version of the New Balance 890s, a more supportive shoe than my Zeroes. I really liked those shoes, even though I had to get a yellow and pink pair that looked like they escaped from the circus. New Balance recently released the fourth version of those shoes, so the third ones are on clearance. I just ordered a pair for $55 from Running Warehouse that should be here Friday.

And the best part is I didn’t even have to settle for a horribly ugly color this time!


I’m hoping to maybe finally start running a few miles at a time again this weekend. Maybe.

I also just made a reservation at Stone Brewery’s restaurant for the first night Clark and I are in San Diego in a couple of weeks. Now we just have to not get really sick beforehand this time.


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