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January 10, 2014

Training for 1/10/14

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Yesterday I paid in advance for 10 hot yoga classes at the studio in Salisbury, in which case each class is $5 cheaper than paying for one class at a time. I signed up to take the first one this morning, since I didn’t have to go to work today.

The teacher said the heating system was thrown off a little by the unusually cold weather this week and was overcompensating, which was why it was hotter than the 105 degrees it’s supposed to be. After all the cold air this week, it felt wonderful! The  75-minute class itself went pretty well too. I’m looking forward to the next nine.

Yesterday I also went ahead and dropped to the half at Shamrock. It occurred to me the half sells out, while the full never does, so I should reserve my spot in the half now, and then, if somehow I feel ready for the full, I can switch back. I think I have until Feb. 25 to do so without having to pay any extra fees.

I’m still doing the 8K the day before, no matter which race I wind up running that Sunday.

As was pointed out in the comments on yesterday’s post, running the half will get me to the beer tent a whole lot sooner anyway. The half starts 90 minutes before the full, which means the majority of the half marathoners will be done before the full marathoners are even an hour into their race.


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