A Simple Running Log

January 3, 2014

Training for 1/3/14

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We got some actual snow accumulation last night, several inches. Which sucks. I hate snow!

I thought about trying to get in a few miles today, but every time I looked outside, the wind was blowing the snow around. Plus, Pepper hates it as much as I do, and he looked so happy curled up on the couch. Much happier than he would be out in that blowing snow or in the utility room by himself.

The wind finally died a little late this afternoon, so I layered up, strapped the running YakTrax Clark gave me for Christmas to my 1400s, put Pepper in his coat and harness and headed out and down the road.

We made it about 0.2 miles — barely past the neighbor’s house — before he’d had enough and started leaping on me and whimpering. It didn’t take much convincing to get me to turn around. It was bitterly cold!

So we went back home, for a grand total of 0.4 miles. I took Pepper’s harness off him, but I made him go back outside for a minute so I could take some pictures of him in the snow. He picked up that huge stick he found on our run yesterday and kept swinging it around. I think he was trying to crack me in the shins with it for making him go outside haha.



And here are the YakTrax. I didn’t get to try them out too much, obviously, so I’m not decided on how much use they’ll be.


Anyway, it’s supposed to warm up here over the next couple of days, above freezing tomorrow and into the mid-50s Sunday. I have 8 miles and 17 miles on the schedule for the weekend. The roads around here weren’t plowed, as usual, which means they’ll probably still be a little crappy tomorrow. I think I’ll do the shorter run tomorrow and hold off on the long run until Sunday, when I hope the roads will be clearer.

Other than that, I don’t have any big plans for the weekend.


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