A Simple Running Log

December 18, 2013

Training for 12/18/13

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I didn’t post yesterday because I had nothing to write about. I never did that strength training Monday night, and I completely skipped out on the easy run I was supposed to do yesterday. I didn’t get up in time to do it before work, and by the time Clark got home from work (so I could leave Pepper with him), it was way past the point where I’ve permanently settled on the couch for the evening.

I finally got some motivation again this morning. I had strength training and another short easy run on the schedule.

It snowed overnight. This was our back yard this morning:


I did my strength training upstairs first, in the freezing cold attic. I did ab exercises, push-ups and sat in the ol’ invisible chair, and then I lifted weights. I finally remembered to wear my thickest, fleeciest running gloves, so holding the metal weights wasn’t as hand-numbingly painful today.

Then Pepper and I headed out for the run. I wasn’t sure how it’d go. My left leg has just felt weird over the past week. I don’t know how to describe it; it’s not really a stabbing pain anywhere, it’s just this weird tightness that migrates from all the way up near my butt to down to my ankle. It was up by my butt when I started running.

It went away pretty quickly though, and since I’d skipped yesterday’s run, I ran just a little farther today, stretching out the scheduled three miles to the 4.5-mile loop. When I got home, my hamstring felt fine, but the inside of the ankle was sore again.

I’m sure it’s all related, and I’m sure it’s also got something to do with my laziness about stretching. It’s not painful, just annoying, so I don’t see any reason to stop running and rest it at this point. Sometimes these things just work themselves out.


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