A Simple Running Log

December 13, 2013

Training for 12/13/13

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Well today’s run sure felt a lot harder than an “easy” run should.

I had seven miles on the schedule. I left Pepper home for this one, much to his dismay. He’s run almost 15 miles with me over the last three days so he could probably use the break, but I mostly left him home because he runs too damn fast for an easy run. I made sure to turn on my iPod before I left the house, so I didn’t have to hear his heartbroken wailing as I walked out to the road.

The whole thing just sucked from the first step. My legs were tired, and it was cold and windy.

I trudged along. The first half of the run wasn’t terrible, as the wind was at my back. But past the swamp, I had to run into it head-on. The rest of the way home felt like a death march. I finished the 7.3-mile loop.

I hate runs like today’s! They’re the ones the make you wonder who the hell you think you’re kidding, thinking you can run a marathon when you can barely get through seven measly miles. Luckily, they’re usually pretty closely followed by a much better run.

It’d be awesome if that much better run would happen tomorrow. I’ve got 14 on the schedule for this week’s long run. I’m going to do 10 by myself, and then Clark is going to join me for once around the 4.5-mile loop.

In the evening, I’m signed up for a little two-mile fun run “Santa Chase” with Pepper. There’s a separate division for runners with dogs. He’ll look like a little reindeer in his bright red dork jacket haha. It’s supposed to be nasty weather tomorrow night though, so we’ll see if it still happens.

If I run at all Sunday, it’ll just be a short recovery run, probably on the trail.

Outside of running, this weekend we have to finally get this live tree decorated, I’m taking Pepper to get his annual picture with Santa Paws and I’m meeting my friends for lunch tomorrow to celebrate a couple of birthdays.


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