A Simple Running Log

November 26, 2013

Training for 11/26/13

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This morning, I had an easy 6-miler on the schedule. Clark asked if I was going to take Pepper with me. Since he just ran with me yesterday, I was going to let him off the hook. But then Clark made a joke about how Pepper needed to burn some more calories in advance of all the table scraps he’ll be given at Thanksgiving dinner (especially by Aunt Helen, who will then complain about how much the dog is farting), and I thought about how he’d probably rather run with me again than stay home alone anyway, so I changed my mind.

It was a gray, cold morning. There’s a big storm on the way, but the rain and wind hadn’t started yet when Pepper and I left to run. At least, I didn’t think it had, but it turned out there was already a light but steady drizzle falling. Luckily, there was still no wind. I crossed my fingers it wouldn’t rain any harder while we were out there.

If there’s one good thing about having to take off from running for an injury, it’s the feeling of pure gratitude when I’m physically able to run again. Especially when an injury stretches out as long as this last one had — it felt at times like it was never going to end, and my right foot was just doomed to be a whiny little jerk forever. Today was an ugly, cold, drizzly November morning, but I was running pain-free down my old familiar road with my dog, who often looks at me over his shoulder with a big grin on his face when we’re running together. I just felt happy to be out there.

The run went well. We did the 6.5-mile loop. Pepper found a stick around mile 4, so he was happy too. It never stopped drizzling, but it never rained any harder either.

When we got home, I dried Pepper off and gave him a treat, and he promptly curled up and fell asleep on the couch.


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