A Simple Running Log

November 21, 2013

Training for 11/21/13

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This morning, I did something I haven’t done in a while. Right after Pepper was done with his breakfast and morning bathroom break, I got dressed and went for an early run.

It was pretty cold this morning, down around freezing. I had forgotten why morning running is best, especially in cold weather — the wind hasn’t picked up yet.

I had a tempo run on the schedule, but yesterday I remembered I’m signed up for a 5K on Saturday morning. So I decided to just do a couple of mile repeats today instead.

I felt pretty good during the warm up mile. I had on my Zeros for the first time in a while, and my foot wasn’t bothering me at all.

I also had the Garmin on for the first time in who knows how long. I watched for it to roll over the first mile, and then I picked it up for the next one.

I had to pause about a quarter-mile into the first fast mile when I heard tiny dog paws cruising up behind me at full speed. I paused the Garmin and stopped to pet the little black pug mix who’d been chasing me, then shooed it back home so I could get going again.

The rest of the run was uninterrupted. I didn’t look at my pace on the Garmin the whole time, just the distance so I’d know when to speed up or back off.

I looked at the final numbers when I got home. I did the 5.5-mile loop in 44:34, an overall average of 8:06/mile. My two attempts at fast miles came in at 7:09 and 7:12.

I gotta admit it felt like I was running faster than that haha. But I can’t expect to do speed work for the first time in weeks after taking time off for my foot and be as fast as I was before the injury. It’d be nice if it worked like that, but it just doesn’t.

I was still really happy with the run though. It felt so good to run hard again, with the only pain being the burning in my lungs and leg muscles, and not in the bones of my right foot.

Based on today’s run, I fully expect this 5K in two days to be relatively slow yet still pretty painful!


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  1. I’m glad that you’re back to running!! Have fun at the 5k this weekend – you’ll do great regardless! 🙂

    Comment by kafishgirl — November 21, 2013 @ 6:11 pm | Reply

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