A Simple Running Log

November 8, 2013

Training for 11/8/13

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Hey, I actually have something to record today!

I didn’t have to work at all today, so this morning, I went to a hot yoga class in Salisbury. Like the last time I went, on a Friday evening about a month and a half ago, there weren’t many people in the class. The teacher had a lot more time to work with all of us individually. I like having my form corrected, especially in poses I do to stretch out by myself at home. Ever since I had those IT band issues in both legs a few years ago, I’ve done what’s called a pigeon pose pretty regularly, as it does a good job of targeting them. Today, the teacher helped me get deeper than ever into that pose, on both legs. Felt so good!

Tomorrow morning, I’m meeting Kara in Easton to go for my first run in a week. She wants to show me a paved trail outside Easton, and then we’re going to a new sushi place in town for lunch. Unfortunately, the Waterfowl Festival is this weekend, which means Easton is going to be an absolute disaster as far as traffic and people milling around goes. However, this is the last chance we’ll have for a while to get together like this, so I just have to suck it up and try not to run over anyone in a fit of road rage.

If I do anything Sunday, it’ll just be to take Pepper for a short trail run. Gotta get rested back up for the start of Shamrock training Monday! I decided on the Advanced 1 plan. Just one planned speed workout per week, but there are also pace runs two out of every three weeks, and if I really want to, I can replace a middle distance easy run with some speed.



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