A Simple Running Log

October 29, 2013

Training for 10/29/13

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Yesterday, I did all my strength training — ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weights — and then I took Pepper out for an easy 3-miler on the road.

It was a perfect fall evening for a run, except for one detail: The gnats.

They’re cutting all the soybean fields around here, and the gnats are just horrendous right now. Pepper and I were running through a solid cloud of them just about the entire way on that out-and-back route. He didn’t seem nearly as bothered by it as I was. The whole time, I was using my free hand to either wave them away or wipe them out of my eyes and nose, and I kept having to spit them out. I was completely coated in them when I got home, so I got right in the shower.

Today, I thought about driving into town and doing a few 400s on the track. I didn’t feel like taking the time to drive there and back though, and I didn’t want to leave Pepper alone any more than I had to, so instead I just did the 4.5-mile loop with him, and let him set the pace.

As is usually the case, he started out a little pokey and then picked up speed as we went along. We wound up running the whole loop in 34:28, a 7:40/mile overall average. We hit a couple gnat swarms, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as yesterday evening.

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