A Simple Running Log

October 21, 2013

Training for 10/21/13

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Last Friday, I took a complete rest day, so I didn’t have anything to post. However, I had a couple of pretty encouraging runs over the weekend!

Saturday morning, I went out for a lap around the 8.2-mile loop. For the first mile, I was wishing I’d worn long sleeves instead of short, and my feet were practically numb. (It wasn’t even that chilly; I’m just that big of a baby when it comes to being cold.) By the time I hit the 1.5-mile point, I was very comfortable in my short-sleeved shirt and I could feel my feet again.

The rest of the run went pretty well. It was 2.7 miles farther than I’d run in the previous six weeks, so I was really happy I never felt the need for a walk break (since I didn’t have Pepper with me to make me run much faster than is comfortable for me right now.) I finished the loop in 1:11 on the dot, an 8:39/mile pace.

I’m sure I’ll be able to finish the Seaside 10-Miler this coming Saturday, and the half marathon in Indy the Saturday after. They won’t be fast, but they’ll get done.

I did some stretching, and then I spent the afternoon getting the grocery shopping done at Walmart, where everyone seemed to hate their life even more than usual, baking another batch of pumpkin muffins and cleaning up the kitchen. In the evening, Clark and I went to Kara’s house for my youngest nephew’s 10th birthday party.

Sunday morning, I took Pepper to the trail for a run around our 3-mile loop. It’s been a while since I ran two consecutive days, but my foot felt 100 percent fine after Saturday’s run.

The last time I took Pepper to the trail, it was noon on a hot day, and he was not in a mood to run. We poked along for most of that run. Yesterday, it was about 30 degrees cooler.

At first, Pepper was just as pokey as he was two weeks ago. He just wanted to sniff and pee on everything. There was a point, about a half-mile into the run, that he started leaping on me and refusing to run any farther. He does that sometimes when I try to take him on the road and he doesn’t want to run, but he’s never done that at the trail before. It was weird.

I finally got him to run forward again, and it was like he’d decided if I wasn’t going to take him back to the car the way we’d come in, he was going to get through the rest of the run as quickly as possible. He was flying, and he never let up.

I kept up with him though. I was really happy to see the end of that run!

That put me at 11.2 miles for the weekend, and 21 for the week. My foot also feels like it’s completely back to normal. I think it’s safe to say that injury is finally behind me.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the Autumn Wine Festival in Salisbury with my mom, sister and grandmother. We finally had a nice day for an outdoor drinking event. I’m still not nearly as big a fan of wine as I am of beer, but I’m getting an idea of what I like. I used to go for sweet, fruity dessert wines, but yesterday, they all tasted like cough syrup to me. I seem to like dry reds now.

Today, I’m going to do my strength training — abs, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weights — and then go out for a short bike ride. I was going to do it this morning, but it got down around 40 last night, so it was too cold for me upstairs haha. I pulled out my laptop and got some stuff done for work instead, and I’ll do my workout sometime after lunch, when the temperature is closer to my acceptable range.

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