A Simple Running Log

October 17, 2013

Training for 10/17/13

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This morning, I took Pepper with me for a lap around the 5.5-mile loop. It’s pretty warm here for late October, not that I’m complaining.

The first mile was a little slow. Pepper kept stopping to pee on things, and then to take a giant dump. I don’t mind waiting for that, since that means that much less dog crap one of us might have to clean up later. I think we passed the first mile marker in a little more than 8:10.

We got rolling after Pepper got all that out of his system. Honestly, we weren’t really running that fast — about 7:45/mile — but it felt like a freaking tempo run to me right now. A mile and a half into it, I stopped to take off my tank top, which I then kept balled up in my hand to wipe off all the sweat pouring out of my face. I was dying!

I was determined to keep up with the little gray dog trotting along in front of me like it was a stroll in the park though. A couple of times, I had to slow him to a walk to catch my breath, but the look of disdain he’d shoot me over his shoulder was enough to get me going again haha.

I figure we ran 5.4 miles of the 5.5-mile loop. I timed it at 42:17, a 7:48/mile overall average pace.

I was annoyed with myself for needing those walk breaks, but then I remembered the last time I ran with Pepper on the road — we did two miles and I had to take a break halfway through. I may still be slow compared to myself before I had to take that time off, but I’m getting better.

Yesterday, I registered for the Seaside 10 Miler, next Saturday morning on the boardwalk in Ocean City. I realized yesterday morning I only had two more weekends before this half marathon I’m supposed to be running, which means only two more “long runs.” I’ll do 7 or 8 miles this weekend, and then the 10-mile race next weekend.

It’s been two and a half years since I ran my only 10-miler. Under normal circumstances, my 1:17 (7:45/mile pace) PR would be toast, but as I proved today, I’m just not in shape to beat that right now. I believe that’s my oldest PR, and it looks like it’s going to live on!

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