A Simple Running Log

October 3, 2013

Training for 10/3/13

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I ran again today!

And unlike the last time I tried to run on the road two days after a trail run, I don’t think I did the wrong thing!

I was a little smarter this time. I wore my new 1400s, which are more supportive than my Zeros, and I only did two miles, instead of the 4.5-mile loop. Since I’m no longer trying to run a full marathon that is now less than a month away, I don’t feel so compelled to ramp up the mileage again too fast.

I took Pepper with me too. I knew this run was going to suck regardless of my foot, so I hoped having a friend would make it better.

My foot never felt perfect — I was aware of it just about the whole time — but I can’t say it was painful. More like tight. What was painful was running in general. I don’t know how fast we were actually going, but I was huffing and puffing like it was the last tenth of a mile of a 5K. It felt like my form has just gone to pot in the last few weeks. I actually felt my knees knocking together several times. What is that about?

We made it to the turnaround point a mile from home, and I wanted to walk a short stretch. (Yes, I felt compelled to take a walk break on a 2-miler. I told you it was bad!) This is normally where Pepper would take off like a rocket because we’re going home. He was so confused when I wanted to walk instead! He kept trying to take off, but the leash was holding him back, and instead his rear paws would slip out from under him haha. He gave me a look over his shoulder that very clearly said “PICK IT UP, SLOW POKE.”

I walked maybe the distance between two telephone poles, and then we ran the rest of the way home. I gave Pepper a treat and iced my foot.

Kara invited me to go for a run after she teaches a swim class Saturday morning. I think I’ll be OK for a few slow miles. I just hope she doesn’t expect any conversation — I need all the air I can get just to keep moving right now!



  1. Haha. I’m glad that you’re up and running again. Don’t worry about losing anything – you’ll be back in top form before you know it. Don’t worry about conversation – we’ll save that for lunch! 😀 See you Saturday!

    Comment by kafishgirl — October 3, 2013 @ 5:28 pm | Reply

  2. Sounds good!

    Comment by aschmid3 — October 3, 2013 @ 7:39 pm | Reply

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