A Simple Running Log

September 27, 2013

Training for 9/27/13

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I haven’t done anything yet today, after the blood donation yesterday afternoon. I might do some strength training and/or go for a short bike ride when I get home though.

This weekend, I think I’ll be going for a nice long bike ride tomorrow, and then taking a rest day Sunday.

Outside of (not) running, I get to cover a hoity-toity fundraising event for the paper tomorrow evening. Usually I hate having to waste a Saturday night working, but I got two tickets, so Clark’s going too, and it looks like it’s going to be a fun time with a lot of good food, that we get to eat for free, if I just take a few pictures.

Sunday is the Dover race! We haven’t made plans yet, but I assume we’ll be heading up early to tailgate. I’m a little bummed that Bobby Labonte isn’t racing this weekend. I’ve only attended one other live race that Bobby wasn’t in, and that was my very first one, Sept. 20, 1992, in Dover. I was 9 and he was still driving in the Busch Series.

He’s sort of being pushed out of his current ride early; he’ll still drive a few more races in the 47 car this year, but the team already announced the guy driving the other races this year will be the full-time driver in 2014. I haven’t heard any rumors about where Bobby might drive next year, and it’s getting pretty late in the season to be getting a good ride, but I’m still hopeful he’ll find something.


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