A Simple Running Log

September 24, 2013

Training for 9/24/13

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This morning, I went out for a run as soon as Pepper had been fed. It was perfect running weather, sunny and chilly, and I was feeling optimistic, since my foot didn’t seem to be bothered at all by Sunday’s 3-miler on the trail.

Today’s run was 4.5 miles on the road. And it didn’t feel nearly as good as Sunday’s did, unfortunately.

The last time I ran before I took those two weeks off, I remember it was a very specific pain in the big toe, every time that foot would land. Then the outside of the foot started to hurt, because I was trying to keep as much pressure off the inside as possible.

Today, the discomfort wasn’t in any one place. It just kind of spread out across the top of the foot.

It wasn’t enough to make me stop though. I thought about it, several times. But it just felt so damn good to be out running as the sun was coming up on a clear, chilly fall morning. I am so tired of waiting on this foot. I did the whole loop.

Did I do the right thing, or did I just set myself back? I don’t know. Unlike two weeks ago, when I couldn’t walk on the foot after that last run, it feels fine to walk on now. In fact, it felt fine to walk on as soon as I was done running, and it hasn’t gotten painful at all in the six hours since.

I planned on not running tomorrow and just doing strength training and riding my bike anyway. My new shoes are supposed to be delivered tomorrow too. Fingers crossed I get to try them out on a run Thursday!


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