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September 9, 2013

Training for 9/9/13

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This is my 1,000th blog post!

Well, I actually ran all of my scheduled miles this weekend, but I seem to have further aggravated something in my right foot that until now had just been an on and off niggle. True to form, I’ve gone completely nuts on what will most likely wind up being a minor thing, and I’m sitting here at my desk with my foot slathered in Bengay and wrapped up in an ACE bandage and a couple of ibuprofen in me. Just in case.

Saturday morning, I set out for my 19-miler armed with my iPod, my water bottle, a tube of ChapStick, two GUs and three salt caps. The first half of the run wasn’t too bad. I took my first two salt caps at 45 minutes and 90 minutes, and the first GU at an hour. Around the 90-minute mark, the run started to suck, however. I had to use the bathroom, and my stomach just would not stop cramping.

I had originally planned to run the 14.5-mile loop, make a stop at home if needed and then finish up with the 4.5-mile loop. But I was drinking my water faster than anticipated, and still feeling crampy from what felt like dehydration, so I cut short the first loop to 13.5 miles.

I had to stop to walk twice, around miles 11 and 12, to try to let the stomach cramps ease up. The second time I stopped to walk, I ran into my buddy Al, out for his own walk. He was really surprised to see me walking. I just said I was doing my long run and I need walk breaks sometimes. He asked how far I was running, and when I said 19, he got this really concerned look on his face and said, “Oh, please be careful — don’t fall out!” I assured him I had enough water and gels (and sense) not to run myself to the point of passing out.

Then he said something about how I’m already beautiful. I can’t remember his exact wording, but the point was one I’ve heard several times, and usually from strangers — I don’t need to be running since I’m already “thin enough.” Even when I explain to people I’m not out running 19 miles in a row or doing 800-meter repeats at a track to get “more attractive” but rather to train for a race, because I (usually) like it, it doesn’t make a difference. It’s stupid, and it bugs the shit out of me.

Anyway, I ran the rest of the way home. When I got home, I’d finished off my water bottle, so I gulped down two full glasses of ice water, refilled the bottle, ate my second GU and took off to run the 5.5-mile loop.

The last 5.5 miles weren’t too bad, actually. My stomach felt better, and when I thought about it, my legs felt fine. I had to stop and think about it to realize it though, because I was so mentally over running at that point I was convinced otherwise.

I finished the entire 19 miles in a total of 2:48:45 (running time, not including the bathroom break and stop at the house.) My overall average moving pace was 8:52/mile.

The rest of the day, I was a slug on the couch, and I loved it haha. Clark left that evening with his brother, to go out for a bachelor party, since Chad’s getting married next weekend. I made spaghetti, drank some beers and watched the Richmond race with Pepper. I actually felt bad for Jeff Gordon, who missed the Chase by a single point. My 14-year-old self would be horrified and disgusted with me.

Sunday morning, I did not go back to bed after feeding Pepper his breakfast. Instead, I ate my own and went out to do the 9-miler at goal marathon pace on the schedule.

Since Clark and his brother had wound up staying at the beach the night before, I decided to take Pepper with me. I didn’t want to listen to his howling when I left him home alone, and I didn’t want to have to clean up his poop in the utility room when I got back.

I’m really glad he went with me. I wasn’t sore, but I did not feel like running yesterday morning, after the long run the day before, but having Pepper along always helps. He was slow the first few miles, as he kept getting distracted by traffic, or dogs in yards we passed. When we got past the ferry, the distractions decreased and his speed picked up. I didn’t wear the Garmin, just the Timex. Our total time for 9.5 miles was 1:20:53, an 8:30/mile average pace, but I’m sure the second half was closer to goal marathon pace.

That run capped off a 55-mile week for me, nearly 27 of which Pepper ran with me, and only since Wednesday. I can’t remember the last time he ran so many miles with me in such a brief span.

When I got home, my right foot was bugging me. It feels like the metatarsal connected to the big toe is bruised. I thought I was running on it normally, but apparently I wasn’t, because the outside of my foot also felt bruised, like I’d been landing on it harder than usual to avoid as much pressure on the big toe as possible.

After I did some stretching, Pepper and I went to the beach house. Clark and his dad had gone surfing in Assateague in the morning, and Clark said the waves had been really good. So after lunch, Clark, Pepper, a surfboard and I all crammed ourselves into my Civic, and we drove to Indian River, which is a lot closer, to see if the waves there were any good too.

After we parked, Clark walked to the beach to see if there were any waves before we dragged all our stuff and Pepper down there. He came back and said it was as dead as last week. We briefly thought about driving all the way back to Assateague, but I really didn’t feel like driving that far, so we just went back to the beach house, parked the car and took Pepper to the beach in Fenwick.

When we walked back to the beach house, we decided to try to get Pepper in Clark’s parents’ kayak. He hates water, and we’ve never been able to convince him to get in the kayak on his own, so we decided we’d put him in it ourselves and see what happened.

Clark got in the kayak first, and then I dropped Pepper in there. I was waiting for the hysterics followed by the kayak flipping over, but much to our surprise, Pepper seemed to like it! He at least didn’t hate it. He just sat there right in the front of the kayak:

clark and pepper

Clark and I switched places, and I paddled Pepper around for a little bit:

Notice how he's always looking back at the dock, no matter what direction we're going.

Notice how he’s always looking back at the dock, no matter what direction we’re going.

pepper and me 2

Never thought I’d actually see the day Pepper rode in the kayak and enjoyed himself, but there it is.

Clark wanted to show me a used Jeep Wrangler for sale in Rehoboth, so we drove up there on our way home. Since we were there, we went to Dogfish Head for dinner. As usual, people kept fawning all over Pepper, telling him how pretty he is. My favorite was the older couple who said they had two weimaraners — one who was “well-behaved like your dog,” and one who wasn’t. It’s funny to me that Pepper acts like such a perfect angel in public, considering what an enormous jerk he can be at home, usually when he’s left alone for five minutes.

This morning, when I woke up, my right foot hurt enough to walk on that I didn’t even think about running today. I was going to at least do my strength training, but I slept on the floor with Pepper instead. He was just making that sunbeam coming in through the back doors look so inviting.

I’ll just have to wait and see what my foot does. I’m hoping this doesn’t take too long to go away. I’ve still got plenty of time until Indy, even if I do wind up having to rest an entire week or more, so I think I’ll be OK for the marathon.


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