A Simple Running Log

September 6, 2013

Training for 9/6/13

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It took me all day, but I got today’s workout done!

I had strength training and another short easy run on the schedule. This morning, I slept in, ate breakfast and then went upstairs for my strength training — push-ups, ab exercises, invisible chair-sitting and weights.

I had to put in a couple hours at work after that, including covering an event. When I got home, I changed my clothes again, put Pepper in his harness and took him to Trap Pond State Park.

I was hoping he wouldn’t be too mad about running a third consecutive day if it was on trails instead of the road. He was pretty upset when he saw me putting on my running clothes at home — he was leaping all over the place and not watching where he was going, which led to his tripping over the footboard of the bed and face planting haha. Which led to his being super embarrassed, and trying to nip at my wrists when I tried to give him a hug while laughing uncontrollably at his stupid butt.

But when we got to the park and took off on the trail, he was fine. He flew around the 4.5-mile loop with no complaint, bringing his total over the last three days to 17.2 miles. Not too shabby!

Tomorrow morning, I really must get up and do the 19-mile long run scheduled for this weekend. Tomorrow night is the Richmond race, so I’ll definitely be up late and most likely drinking beer watching that, which means Sunday morning will not be an option for a long run. I will, however, do the 9-mile run at goal marathon pace sometime Sunday.

Other than that, I’ve got another quiet weekend coming up, it looks like.


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