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September 3, 2013

Training for 9/3/13

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This weekend was pretty fun in that I spent almost all of it in either running clothes or a swimsuit. The running motivation was still lacking, sadly, but I think that’s starting to turn around since I finally got a new pair of shoes. We will see.

Friday evening, as soon as I got home from work, I changed clothes and headed out to run, intending to do at least the 6.5-mile loop. Well, it was hot, and I was tired, and it was hot, and I was tired, and blah blah blah. I only did the 4.5-mile loop. Then Clark and I took his intern to dinner, to celebrate the intern’s last day at work before he went back to college today. I even performed a small miracle and convinced my younger sister to meet us there too, instead of going straight back to our parents’ house after her last Friday class to see her cat, like she normally would. It didn’t seem like my and Clark’s efforts led to a love connection this time, but I was still proud of her for giving the whole thing a chance at all.

Saturday morning, I got up early for the Last Blast Prediction 5K in Rehoboth, the official wrap party for the summer series.

It was a decent day for a run. Still warm and humid, but not too bad. This is the race we predict our finishing times, and then run the course without watches or mile markers. The winners are the ones who run closest to their predictions.

Instead of going all out, I decided to aim for an easier pace I felt like I’d be able to recognize without needing a watch. I put down 23:42 for my time, about a 7:38/mile pace.

I ran about a mile and a half to warm up, and then joined everyone else at the start line for the commands.

I took off at what felt like my goal pace. I found myself running near this 65-year-old woman who regularly runs in the 23- or 24-minute range. If she was running her normal pace, I was on track.

A little ways past where the 1-mile marker would have been, I heard someone running up from behind to pass me. Right as he was passing me, I heard a robotic voice say, very loudly, “DISTANCE: ONE-POINT-THREE MILES. TIME: TEN MINUTES. AVERAGE PACE: SEVEN MINUTES, FORTY-ONE SECONDS PER MILE.” I’m not sure if the guy didn’t know we weren’t supposed to be using anything to track our times, but he was definitely using the RunKeeper app on his phone, which was in his pocket, and he wasn’t trying to hide it.

Soon after, we were passing the water stop that’s always at the 2-mile marker. I was still running just ahead of the 65-year-old woman. We made the turn onto the long straightaway that leads to the finish. I just tried to maintain my pace all the way to the finish:

Finishing just in front of the woman I ran with most of the race.

Finishing just in front of the woman I ran with most of the race.

Trying to rip off the tag from my bib just after finishing.

Trying to rip off the tag from my bib just after finishing. I hate that part.

As I handed my bib tag to our race director, Tim, he glanced at my predicted time, which was written on it, and said I might have been right on it. I was pretty excited! I’ve never gotten anywhere close to correctly predicting my time.

I wanted to get in a few more miles after the race, so I retraced the entire course, bringing the day’s total to about 7.5 miles.

I got back in time to get some Rita’s Italian ice and then exchange my running shoes for my flip flops before they announced the awards.

They give out awards to the 20 runners who came closest to their predictions. As they were calling them up, I saw the results posted on the pavilion. I got close enough to spot my time: 24:12. Thirty seconds off, and 20th place had only been 18 seconds off. No prediction award this year! Oh well.

Then they presented all the awards for the summer series. TK’s birthday isn’t until October, so she was still in the F 25-29 AG this year. She was fourth in her age group:

2013 summer series awards TK

And then I got my award for winning the F 30-34 AG:

2013 summer series awards

We left as soon as we’d gotten our awards, got some iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts (pumpkin is back!) and drove to Fenwick. TK and I showered at Clark’s parents’ place. Clark also met us there, and the three of us drove to Assateague to meet TK’s boyfriend, Parker, to go clamming.

We all loaded up on Parker’s boat, and he took us on a short trip across the Assawoman Bay, where we anchored the boat right off an island. Parker was the first one out of the boat. I was expecting clamming to involve a shovel or a rake, but it turned out the only equipment we used were our feet.

We all stood in water about to our waists and dug around in the sand with our toes, looking for clams. When we found one, we just stooped over and pulled it out with our hands. Most of the ones we found were enormous — about the width of our palms. I’ve never seen clams that big.

After about an hour and a half, we’d found two dozen clams, so we got back in the boat and headed back to Parker’s house. He packed a dozen in ice for Clark and me, and then we left. We got lunch at the Greene Turtle on our way out of Assateague, and then stopped at Tall Tales Brewery in Parsonsburg to try their craft beer samples and get some beer-based desserts.

Saturday night, we stayed in. We tried to grill the clams, but our only charcoal had gotten rained on, and they couldn’t get hot enough. We put the clams in the oven to broil them until they opened, which meant they were done. Then we made some garlic butter and just ate the clams right out of their shells. They were really good!

We also ordered a pizza and watched the Nationwide race. I actually got to bed at a decent hour Saturday night.

Sunday morning, I meant to do my long run. I really did. But I did what I’ve been doing so much this summer. I slept in, and then as it got hotter outside, I made more excuses and let myself cut short yet another run for no real reason.

I don’t remember what time it was when I finally went out to run Sunday morning. My gray Zeroes had been bothering my feet so much lately, I was wearing the 1600s I’d gotten Bobby to autograph last year, while I was waiting for my new Zeroes to show up in the mail. As I was walking out to the road Sunday, I glanced back at the house. The first thing I noticed was the front lights, which I hadn’t turned off after the pizza was delivered the night before. The second thing I noticed was the white box sitting by the door, which we never use.


I ran back to the house and swapped out the 1600s for my new Zeroes, and hit the road. Who knows how long they’d been sitting out there?

While it felt really good to get the new shoes, it still didn’t change the fact it was late in the morning and too hot to be running long. I let myself cut the run to 9 miles, with the caveat that I will stop slacking on these long runs from now on! I only have four more — a 19-miler and three 20-milers — that are long enough to be considered marathon training long runs, so I must do them. All 19 or 20 miles, in a row. Must.

When I got back home, I ate some leftover pizza and drove to the Choptank marina to meet my brother, to go out on the boat again.

When I got there, he was the only other one there. He said Uncle John was going to meet us soon, and then Kasey, Kara and Julie would be out later. We got the boat in the water, putzed around a little looking for the smoothest water and then went back to the marina to get Uncle John.

With Uncle John on the boat, we had enough people to drive and spot for a skier. Dave went out first. He was definitely trying to show off for Uncle John, and he went down hard several times. Then he took out the wakeboard, and was trying to get back his favorite trick of jumping the wake completely. Every time he would try, we would just happen to be passing the same boat loaded with people, who were all watching, and Dave would wipe out. When he finally landed one again, the boat had gotten too far ahead of us, and they didn’t see it, of course.

I went out and skied a while. We figured we still had some time before everyone else got to the marina, so Dave and I each skied again. A little after 4 p.m., we picked up Kasey, Kara and Julie.

Kara wanted to learn to ski. She’s kneeboarded before, but she’d never tried to get up on a ski. Uncle John and I tried to explain how to get up on one to her as best we could, but it’s really hard to describe. You just have to do it over and over again before you get a feel for it.

It didn’t take Kara long though! A few times, she was definitely up on the ski before she lost her balance. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone get it the first day they tried it. She did great! As soon as she gets a feel for balancing on the ski once she gets up, she’ll have the hang of it.

When Kara got back in the boat, we started working on Julie to go out on the kneeboard. When she was 8 — 12 years ago — she and our cousin Becky were both riding kneeboards behind the boat. Somehow, Julie’s board got sucked under behind Becky’s, and Julie hit her face on Becky’s board. There’s a small scar near her left eye from the Great Kneeboard-to-the-Face Incident of 2001.

Julie refused to try it again after that. She’s also got some weird hangup about the river water, but I think that’s our dad’s fault.

Anyway, for the second time in the same weekend, Julie did something outside her comfort zone, and she actually got in the Choptank River with the intention of riding a kneeboard. It didn’t take her long to get back up on the thing, and it was pretty obvious from the huge grin on her face she was glad she was out there. Once again, I was proud of her just for trying.

There was still enough daylight left for Dave and me to take the ski out once more. We floated a bit, and then went back to the marina. Another awesome afternoon on the boat!

I went home, where Clark had invited over a few people to watch the NASCAR race.

Yesterday morning, I just ran the 4.5-mile easy run on the schedule, and then Clark, Pepper and I drove down to the beach house. Clark and I spent most of the afternoon driving around looking at used stand-up paddleboards and surfboards. I didn’t find any paddleboards I wanted to pay for, but Clark struck a deal on a surfboard. We got the other surfboard from the beach house and drove to the Indian River Inlet, where Clark’s surf report app claimed there were some OK waves.

After walking the boards all the way out to the beach, we discovered the surf report app had been lying to us. There was nothing! Since we’d come so far, we took the boards out anyway, to paddle around a bit, but the ocean was so flat and calm, I never even got my hair wet. We walked the boards back to the truck, drove back to the beach house, got carry out for dinner with the rest of his family and then went home.

Clark had to leave very early this morning for a flight to Nevada, where he’s spending the rest of the week at a mine site for work. I got up a couple of hours later, fed Pepper and then went to the Sharptown bridge for six hill repeats.

It was, once again, pretty hot by the time I made it out to the bridge. I wore the Garmin just for accuracy on the distance. I did a mile to warm up, which felt like crap. I was really doubting six climbs up and over that bridge were going to happen today.

However, I felt better once I had the first one out of the way, and I did all six. I did another mile to cool down. The Garmin showed I’d covered a total of 5.2 miles in 44:32, an overall average pace of 8:33/mile.

So that’s everything I’ve done since last Friday. The month changed over since then, so I have to do my August summary as well.


  • Week 1 (Aug. 1-3): 20.5 miles
  • Week 2 (Aug. 4-10): 27.1
  • Week 3 (Aug. 11-17): 39.3
  • Week 4 (Aug. 18-24): 43.9
  • Week 5 (Aug. 25-31): 45

Total: 175.8 miles

In spite of all my skipping, splitting up and moving around runs, I managed to run all but about 1.5 of the miles that were on the schedule for August. As far as racing went, I only did a couple of 5Ks, the Dewey Beach run in 21:06, and the prediction run in 24:12.

September is supposed to be the biggest mileage month of training for the Indy Monumental Marathon. I’ve got a 19-miler and two of three 20-milers scheduled for this month, plus my longest tempo run and hill workout. Right now, the only race I’m probably doing this month is the Federalsburg 5K on Sept. 21, though I haven’t registered for it yet.


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