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August 26, 2013

Training for 8/26/13

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Saturday morning, I slept in for no real reason, other than it was Saturday morning. By the time I got around to thinking about going for my long run, it was late and I didn’t feel like doing it. So I just did the easy 8-miler that was scheduled for the next morning, and resolved to get up earlier Sunday and get the 17-miler done.

The rest of Saturday, I actually cleaned the house, which needed it really bad. That evening, we went out to dinner with a couple of friends, and then we all came back to our house to watch the Bristol race.

I didn’t sleep well at all Saturday night. I got a couple of hours, tops, but mostly I just tossed and turned. When Clark’s alarm went off at 4:45 a.m. so he could go surfing, he stepped out of bed and felt something weird on the floor. When he turned on the light, we discovered Pepper had, sometime during the night, gone completely insane and ripped his bed apart.

It was a pretty expensive dog bed. He got it for Christmas last year, and we put it right next to Clark’s side of the bed. Since then, Pepper’s maybe laid down in it a total of 10 times. Otherwise, he never seems to pay much attention to it. But for some reason, Pepper decided the bed had to die Saturday night. He ripped up the cover, pulled out the pillow inside and then ripped into it, sending stuffing flying everywhere.

Clark and I both just stared at it for a minute, and then I noticed Pepper. He definitely knew he’d done something very wrong, and he was already trying to back pedal haha. He was sitting, his back perfectly upright, with his ears back and a very serious look on his face. He was trying to look simultaneously sorry for destroying his bed, and so freaking cute we immediately forgot about it.

Yes, it worked. Damn manipulative dogs!

We all went back to bed after that, Pepper wedged between us so he could stare at us and make sure we still liked him. A couple hours later, Clark got up and went to the beach.

I was exhausted, but I still couldn’t sleep. I knew no long run was getting done that day. I thought maybe I’d try the strength training and short run that was on the schedule for today, since I’d be doing that long run today instead. But when I went upstairs after breakfast, I only got through some push-ups, ab exercises and invisible chair-sitting before I finally admitted I just had no energy while I was trying to lift. No weights, and no run.

I’d stayed home from the beach because my brother had invited me to go out on the boat that afternoon. I was seriously considering backing out and staying on the couch instead to try to get some more sleep, but it was a really nice day and besides, it’s the end of the summer, so how many more chances will we get?

I got to the marina at 1:30 p.m. I didn’t know who else was going out, but soon my little sister and mom showed up, followed by my cousin Corey and then Dave and Kasey, with the boat.

Corey brought with him two more skis we used to use, that had been in his dad’s barn. One was an O’Brien that I remembered liking, and the other was a Jobe that his dad had always preferred. I don’t think I’d ever tried the Jobe. Corey’s dad, my Uncle John, is by far the best slalom skier in our family, so I guess I just always assumed the Jobe was too advanced for me to handle or something. Or maybe it was just that while everything else on the boat is always common property, the Jobe seemed like it belonged only to Uncle John.

We got the boat rolling and headed out. It was an absolutely perfect day on the river. Clear, blue sky, warm but not too hot, and low humidity. There was also hardly a breeze, so the water was like glass, all the way up and down the river. Usually there are just a couple of particular spots that are smooth, depending on which way the wind is blowing, so to see nothing but smooth water is rare.

Dave asked who wanted to go out first, so I did. I took the O’Brien. It was definitely better than the other two skis we’d been using this summer, but it’s still kind of big and clunky.

When I came in, Mom said she was next. We asked her what she was going to ride, assuming she wanted to try the kneeboard. It turns out my mom knows how to slalom ski! I had no idea. She never mentioned it to me before yesterday, but apparently, way back in the day, she used to go out on the boat with my dad’s family, and she learned how to ski.

She couldn’t remember how long it’d been since she’d skied, but my older sister is 34, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s been since before she was born. Mom didn’t quite get up on the ski, and decided she’d had enough of trying after four pulls, but I thought it was pretty cool to see her out there.

I think Corey went out next, on the wakeboard. It took him a few pulls to get up, but once he did, he immediately went for the big air coming off the wake. He pulled off a couple of landings, but he also had a couple of pretty spectacular wipeouts haha.

Then Dave went out, on the Jobe.  He’s not as smooth as Uncle John always was, but he was cutting back and forth across the wake pretty well. When he got back in the boat, he was gushing about what a great ski it is.

So of course I had to try it. I went out again, this time with the Jobe. It took me two pulls to get up on it, but my brother was right — that is absolutely the best ski we’ve got. No wonder my uncle always used it. It just turned so easy! I stayed out on it until I felt like my legs were going to buckle. It was awesome.

I think after that was when we decided to pull the boat up to a little beach along the river and just hang out for a bit. When we got back in, the boat wouldn’t start. Just like old times haha. Dave found the problem, which he said was related to the battery cable, and he got it going again. Perfect day not ruined by having to paddle all the way back to the marina.

Dave and Kasey went out on kneeboards. Dave was standing up on his, then jumping the wake and finally doing a bunch of 360s, which was what led to his wipeout. He lost his sunglasses, and then when Corey slowed the boat so we could pick up Dave, Kasey’s board did a nosedive and she did a face plant. They were both having fun up until that point.

Corey wanted to try the Jobe next. After several failed attempts to get up on it, he said he’s a little bigger than he was the last time he rode it, and asked for the O’Brien. He got right up on that one, and then let go of the rope about 90 seconds later because he said his arms were already worn out.

We dropped off Mom and Julie at the marina; Julie’s first day of her junior year of college is today, so she wanted to get to Salisbury last night. The rest of us went back out. Dave and I both skied one more time — on the Jobe, of course — and Kasey rode the kneeboard again.

We finished off the day by going up to Suicide and getting some drinks to go. We took our time cruising back to the marina, loaded up the boat and went home.

I was so glad I didn’t bail on the boat yesterday! It was a perfect day for it. And it turns out, yesterday was also Uncle Lee’s birthday. I’d like to think he had something to do with that weather — and the scare when the boat wouldn’t restart haha.

This morning, I wasn’t too sore when I woke up, which was a good thing, because, once again, I have to split up my long run around a work day. I can’t keep doing this!

I did a lap around an 8.5-mile loop this morning, which I’ll repeat tonight to get in all 17 miles. Tomorrow, I have an interval workout scheduled, but I can’t put it off until the evening, since I have a late assignment. That’ll be 24.5 miles in about a 24-hour span. I hope my legs are up for it.

Oh, one last thing — this morning, we woke up and found out Pepper had attacked what was left of his bed stuffing again last night. This picture sums up what he thought of our effort to make him sleep in his own bed and stop taking up ours:

shredded bed

Smug little jerk. He’s lucky he’s so cute.


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