A Simple Running Log

August 21, 2013

Training for 8/21/13

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Last night, I did the 3-miler at goal marathon pace that I was supposed to do in the morning but didn’t.

I wore the Garmin for accuracy. I never looked at the pace until I was done though. I’d run 3 miles in 23:12, and the three miles’ splits were, in order, 8:00 (perfect), 7:39 (too fast) and 7:33 (too faster.) Perhaps I should look at the Garmin every now and then. The point of the pace runs is to know what the goal pace feels like, so you don’t go flying at the start and blow the rest of the race.

It’s warm and muggy here again, and I’d waited until close enough to sunset to run that I came home drenched in sweat and coated in tiny bugs. I got in a cold shower to cool off and wash away all the bugs. Those unending swarms are one thing I will never ever miss about summer, even on the coldest day in winter.

This morning, I had strength training and an easy run on the schedule, which increased today from 3 to 4 miles. I didn’t bother with the strength training — I’ll do that tonight — but I thought it was a cool enough morning Pepper could run with me, something he hasn’t done in more than two weeks.

He took half of his giant stick with him. It wasn’t a hot morning, but it was really humid again, and he was foaming at the mouth and breathing heavy because of that damn stick in no time. About a half-mile down the road, he slowed to a walk in the grass on the side of the road, plopped down and started chewing on his stick. When I yanked on his leash to get him moving, he gave me a very disinterested glance before going back to his stick. The second time I pulled on it, he grudgingly got moving again.

About another half-mile farther, Pepper was rolling right along, until I heard clicking behind me and turned around to see a strange dog following us. It looked like some kind of Rottweiler mix, a young one. It was friendly enough, but of course Pepper was completely freaked out at first. Eventually, Pepper went into his default mode of ignoring the other dog, which just kept following us, weaving back and forth across the road.

Not much farther down the road, a small SUV came to a stop right after it passed us, and the woman driving it opened her door, like she wanted the dog, which wasn’t wearing a collar, to get in. I said, “Is that your dog?” It was just a simple question; I figured even if it wasn’t, she must have known whose it was and she could take it home. But she didn’t say anything, quickly shut the door and took off. I think I almost saw what happened to my family’s golden retriever when I was little. Max was another friendly dog who just disappeared one day.

Anyway, our new little friend followed us for about another mile before he got bored and wandered off again. The last 2.5 miles of the 4.5-mile loop were uneventful, and Pepper got some ice cubes and a treat when we got home.


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