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August 19, 2013

Training for 8/19/13

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Saturday morning, I ran the Run for the Paws 5K in Dewey Beach.

I didn’t have any goals for the race going into it, other than hanging out with my friend Jen at The Starboard, which was hosting the post-race party. The summer series wrapped up for good two weeks ago, so there wasn’t even any incentive to care where I placed in my age group. It was completely no-pressure, which was nice.

I got to Dewey Beach more than a half hour before the 8 a.m. start. I finally found parking; I was close to the start/finish line, but a good half-mile from The Starboard, which was also hosting packet pick-up before the race. I walked over, got my bib and event shirt, walked back to the truck, got ready for the race and took off for a short warm-up.

I really had to pee, and was hoping to spot a port-o-potty somewhere on my warm-up, but I didn’t have any luck. I was almost back to the start line when I saw Jen. She was hoping to PR. We wished each other luck and squeezed into the crowd of runners. My bladder was just going to have to wait. Luckily, it’s a hundred times more patient than my GI tract.

While we were waiting, a younger girl asked me what pace I was going to run. I just shrugged and said probably something under 7:00/mile. She said she’s going into her senior cross country season in high school, and her coach wanted her to run a road 5K, just to see where she’s at. She was aiming for under 21 minutes. I laughed and said I run under 21 on a good day, so she’d probably be way ahead of me.

They got us going right around the advertised start. It was pretty crowded at the beginning; the road was narrow and then we had to make a left turn onto the shoulder of the main highway about a 10th of a mile later. We made another immediate left back onto a residential street, and things started to space out after that.

The course was an out-and-back, with a ton of turns. I passed the first mile marker in 6:40. A half mile later, I made the U-turn at the halfway point, and saw Jen not long after that on my way back. I couldn’t tell by her face if she was on PR pace or not, but she looked good!

Mile 2 went by at 13:32, a 6:52 second mile. People keep telling me to wear the Garmin in a race so I’ll see I have to pick up my pace in that second mile, but I just don’t want to!

Soon we were passing the half-mile point, where the 1-mile dog walk participants turned around. It looked like most of them had just gotten there when I came through. They were staying to the right, however, while the runners stuck to the left, so they weren’t getting in anyone’s way.

This is also where a guy was taking pictures on his phone to post to the race director’s Facebook page. Here’s me:

2013 run for the paws 5k mile 2.5

And here’s Jen, who’s not from around here and isn’t used to seeing a guy standing in the middle of the road taking pictures with his phone of strangers running a race — hence the “WTF??” look on her face haha!

jen mile 2.5

Last year, when I ran the first half of the Rehoboth half marathon with Erin, who’s also not from around here, she was completely weirded out by another guy taking pictures — also for the Facebook page — while he was running of other runners going the other direction after we made a U-turn. I assured her it was completely innocent.

Anyway, back to my race. I saw that cross country runner ahead of me. She was too far ahead to catch, but it looked like she was going to make her sub-21 goal.

I made those last two turns before hitting the final stretch home. That’s where this picture was taken, right before the 3-mile marker:

2013 race for the paws 5K finish

Who smiles at the end of a 5K?

I think I passed the third marker in 20:32, a 7:00 third mile. No wonder I was smiling — I was hardly trying anymore, compared to my original pace haha.

I crossed the line in 21:06 by my chip time, an overall average pace of 6:48/mile. That’s more than a minute faster than the last 5K I ran in July, but it was also a much better day for a run this weekend, a lot cooler and not as humid.

The cross country runner came in at 20:56, so she was pleased with her race. Just past the finish line, Enos, the super fast guy from Georgetown (who had just won that race, of course) asked if I was going to do a cool down. We did two more miles together on the highway in Dewey. He was telling me about how he often drives somewhere to do his long runs — he’s run all the way from the boardwalk in Rehoboth back to Georgetown, which is about 19 miles. It’s probably a good idea to mix up training routes like he does, but I could not imagine running along Route 1 between the boardwalk and the turn onto the road back to Georgetown, even when there’s not as much traffic as in the summer.

After my cool down, I traded my shoes for my flip flops, put on a shirt and met Jen and her friend Rachelle at The Starboard.

We all got two free drink tickets, which you could use for mimosas, Bloody Marys or any draft beer. I had a Sam Adams Summer Ale and a Dogfish Head Namaste. Jen and Rachelle both got huge Bloody Marys. They couldn’t get over how awesome the post-race party was for a 5K that only cost $20 to run. We really are lucky to have a lot of great races around here.

They were taking so long with their Bloody Marys, I had to move the truck. I’d parked in a lot owned by a business that let us use it for the race, but they wanted everyone gone by 10:30, when they opened for the day. I found what I thought was an open space near the bar; the sign said a permit was needed for certain times of the day, which didn’t include when I was there. Naturally, when I came back later, I found out a permit was needed 24 hours a day during the summer, so I had a $35 ticket. Thanks, poorly worded sign!

Back at the bar, Enos came by and said I’d missed the awards ceremony. I won my age group again. I went over and collected my plaque, which was carved to look like a dog, since the race benefitted the local SPCA. So Jen wanted to take this picture:

first place ass

LET ME EXPLAIN. Last year, Jen and the rest of the Loopsters who ran Rehoboth thought it was hilarious that I had to stop to use the bathroom in the woods in the middle of the race and still won my age group. Later that night, when we were all good and drunk, one of the girls took a picture of the rest of them pretending to kiss my ass, and I was nicknamed First Place Ass. That picture was posted to Facebook too, but to a private group.

When I won my age group again this weekend, Jen posted this picture to Facebook, but not in a group. Which means everyone, up to and including my third grade teacher, saw it haha.

I could easily remove it from my timeline, but I’m not going to do that. I run a lot, which sometimes upsets my stomach. I also like to drink beer and hang out with other runners who drink beer, which leads to stuff like this. It’s who I am.

Eventually, we left The Starboard and drove into Rehoboth, where Jen and Rachelle were staying a block off the main drag. I was so proud of my parallel parking job on a street near their hotel, I took a picture for Clark, who agreed I did a really good job:



When I was in driver’s ed, my on-the-road teacher made me practice parallel parking for an entire hour. I can parallel park a bus, I think.

After we changed into our swimsuits, the three of us went to the beach. We ran into some people Rachelle knew, who were there for the same wedding she and Jen were going to the next day. They asked why Jen was carrying a tiny watermelon, of course, which led to a long explanation about Runner’s World and the Loop.

The beach in Rehoboth was packed Saturday, which made the open water watermelon swim that much more entertaining. The water was also extremely rough; it was choppy and the waves were crashing right at the shore. Hardly anyone was out trying to swim in it. Most of the people were just standing near the edge of it.

And then there was Jen. Wearing a cheap boardwalk store mask and snorkel and carrying her little watermelon, she walked right out into the ocean. People were confused. I heard someone say “What’s she going to do with that watermelon out there? Eat it?”

She was out there about a minute, when a huge wave came along and knocked the watermelon out of her hand before it slammed her to the ground. When she came back up, her snorkel and mask were gone too, and the watermelon was nowhere to be seen.

Then we spotted it —  a little kid had found it floating by and was running out of the ocean with it haha. We didn’t even try to get it back. As far as Jen was concerned, she’d completed that challenge and the watermelon had served its purpose.

Not long after that, I went back home. Clark had gone for a ride on his motorcycle. When he got back, he said his parents weren’t staying at their beach house that night, and had offered to watch Pepper so we could go down there. I took a shower and packed some things, and we went back down to the beach.

We met Jen and Rachelle at Dogfish Head for dinner. It was great getting to see Jen again before she went back to North Carolina.

Jen and me at Dogfish Head with pints of My Antonia.

Jen and me at Dogfish Head with pints of My Antonia.

By the time we were done with Dogfish Head, Clark and I were beat. We drove to Fenwick and fell asleep on the couch.

The next morning, I really intended to get up early and get my 16-mile long run done. Well, I didn’t get up early. When I did finally wake up, it was windy and raining outside. Then Clark made me a big plate of pancakes for breakfast, and I had to go back to sleep to let them digest, of course. By that time, it was noon, and I had to admit no long run was getting done that day.

We walked to Ropewalk for lunch. I had a blueberry lemonade mixed drink and another beer, as well as a salad with seared Ahi tuna. It was still raining when we walked back to the beach house, but not long after, we got a break in the weather and Clark wanted to go surfing.

I figured I’d at least get in a few miles while he was surfing. We drove down to the Indian River Inlet. I did a 4-mile out-and-back, which included a trip across the Indian River bridge at the beginning and end. It was a decent run, except for the fact the alcohol and salad I’d eaten at lunch came back to haunt me — I had to use the same port-o-potty at a public beach access on both the way out and the way back haha.

By the time I got back, Clark was done trying to fight the ocean, which was still really choppy and rough, and we drove back to Fenwick. We got cleaned up, packed up and closed up the house, stopped for dinner at the Fat Tuna Grill in Millville, which was really good, picked up Pepper and went home. I immediately went to bed.

This morning, I once again intended to get up early and knock out that stupid 16-miler. Guess what I did instead? Yup, I slept! I did run, though. I went out planning on doing 8 miles this morning, and then the other 8 tonight after work. Not the best way to do a long run, but better than completely skipping it.

I didn’t take any water or salt caps with me. Usually, 8 miles is about the longest I’ll run this time of year without it. But when I got to where I should have turned, about 4.5 miles into the run, I felt so good I decided to stretch it out to my 10.5-mile loop.

I got a couple of side cramps in the last couple of miles, most likely because of the lack of water, but other than that, it was a good 10.5 miles. And now I only have to do 5.5 when I get home tonight, to finally finish what I should have run yesterday morning. This is what happens when a slacker like myself tries to train for a marathon.


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