A Simple Running Log

August 8, 2013

Training for 8/8/13

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Last night, I was the first one home from work. I was bracing myself for the dog poop in the utility room, but, much to my surprise, Pepper was nice and didn’t take a dump in there yesterday!

I was so happy, I didn’t even put off my run until the last second, like I normally would after work. As soon as Clark got home, I went out and knocked out the 3-mile easy run I didn’t do in the morning. It was a nice evening for a run, and since I didn’t wait until right before sunset, the bugs weren’t out yet.

This morning, I had a 35-minute tempo run on the schedule, my second speed workout of the week.

I think my Zeroes are wearing out. Not completely worn out, but getting there. My feet have been feeling sore after my runs this week. I don’t consider a pair of Zeroes done until one or both calf muscles feel sore. I decided to give the Zeroes a break today, and dug out the 1600s with Bobby’s signatures on them.

It feels like the normal summertime heat and humidity is starting to creep in after a couple weeks of unseasonably cool weather. It wasn’t unbearably hot by any means, but it didn’t feel like good speed weather.

I didn’t want to give up on the tempo run before it even started, however. I did an easy mile in 8:37 to warm up, and then sped up for the next 35 minutes.

Less than a mile later, my nearsighted eyes made out what looked like someone running toward me. As I got closer, I realized that yes, it was another runner! Then I saw him make a U-turn at the intersection I was about to run straight through. For the first time I can remember in all the years I’ve been running those roads, I was chasing another runner.

The first tempo mile was slow — 7:37. Any other day, I probably would have let that discourage me from finishing the rest of the tempo run and just eased off, but not today. I had someone to run down!

He was running slower than I was, but not much. We were approaching the next intersection, not quite a mile later, when I finally caught up to him. I thought he might make the turn there, but no, he ran past it. I pulled up next to him just past that intersection. I really wanted to ask him why he was wearing full length tights and no shirt, but I just said “Good morning” and agreed with him about what nice weather it was or something.

Just past that was the ferry and the end of the second tempo mile. Not surprisingly, that turned out to be the fastest mile I ran all day — 7:21.

I still had another 20 minutes to keep up that pace. I really didn’t feel like it, but now I had the possibility of being passed by another runner if I slowed down. So I made myself keep pushing.

Somewhere near the end of the 35 minutes, I saw my buddy Al out for his morning constitutional, 3-lb. weights in each hand. If I run into him when he’s just out walking his dogs, he wants to talk for 15 minutes. If I run into him while he’s doing his walking workout, he’ll just wave and remind me to stay safe, like he did today.

Finally, I hit the end of the 35 minutes. I’d covered 4.68 miles according to the Garmin, a 7:28/mile average pace. Slow for a tempo run, but at least I did it.

I eased off and ran the rest of the 7.3-mile loop, finishing in 56:35, a 7:45/mile overall average.

Tomorrow is a rest day on the schedule, and I’m taking it. I have a 7-mile pace run and a 14-mile long run scheduled for the weekend, and I don’t think either of those will go very well tomorrow if I try to run them early.


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