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August 1, 2013

Training for 8/1/13

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Yesterday morning, Dave called me and told me to be at the marina after work, to go out on the boat for a couple of hours. I wasn’t going to argue with that, so as soon as I got done with my last assignment of the day, I drove straight to Choptank, changed into my swimsuit in the bathroom at the marina and hopped in the boat with my brother and Aunt Debbie.

We had the river to ourselves! I’m sure that was mostly because it was a weekday afternoon, but it probably also had a little to do with the fact it wasn’t particularly warm, especially for the last day of July, and the sky looked a little like rain.

Since I had my work camera with me anyway, I brought it on the boat to try to get some decent pictures of us skiing. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who doesn’t know how to do anything with an SLR camera other than turning it on, putting everything on ‘auto’ and hitting the button. (Laura, if you’re reading this, I’m sure you’d have been able to get much pictures than I did!) But they did turn out better than what any of us could get with a smartphone camera at least.

Aunt Debbie driving.

Aunt Debbie driving.

Dave went out first on a ski. I took a ton of pictures of him. Most were a little blurry or had a lot of water in the foreground from what was being sprayed up by the engine, but I did get a few I liked:

dave smooth water

Getting a little air on his way back across the wake.

Getting a little air on his way back across the wake.

My parents used to get on him for looking behind his bike to see his own tire tracks. Still has that habit!

My parents used to get on him for looking behind his bike to see his own tire tracks. Still has that habit!

By far my favorite shot of the whole day.

By far my favorite shot of the whole day.

When Dave had enough, I went out on a ski.

They dug up an appropriately-sized life vest for me this time.

They dug up an appropriately-sized life vest for me this time.

me going over wake

me outside wake

The water got choppy on me not long after this was taken, and my old lady legs got tired pretty quick, haha. But my back didn’t hurt this time, so progress!

Then we got Aunt Debbie, who’s 58, to try skiing for the first time in several years! She wasn’t so sure about it:

aunt debbie in water

She got really close once, but she didn’t quite stand up before she lost her balance. She promised she’d get it next time.

We putted around a little bit, and then Dave skied some more. He dropped the rope and when we came back around, he asked for the kneeboard.

I almost didn’t bother with the camera at this point, but I’m glad I did, because overall the kneeboard made for even better pictures than the ski.

dave kneeboard

dave getting air

It doesn’t look like he will, but he lands this, I swear.

This one too.

This one too.

I was inspired to try the kneeboard again. When I got tired of it, I asked for the wakeboard. I don’t think anyone remembers I’ve always been able to get up on a wakeboard — it feels really easy to me, nothing like trying to get up on a ski. So I wasn’t surprised when I popped right up on it, but Dave and Aunt Debbie were. However, once I’m up on one, it’s always felt completely unstable, and just like old times, as soon as I tried to go over the wake on it, it slipped right out from under me and down I went haha.

We had such a good time! It didn’t even rain on us. In fact, the sun came out a little later.


This morning, I felt a lot better than I did the morning after the last time I skied. I had an easy 7-miler on the schedule.

The rain had arrived, but I managed to run a lap around the 7.3-mile loop during a nearly completely dry one-hour window. It was a cool morning, but very humid. I might as well have gotten rained on, as soaked as I was when I was done.

With my late assignment tonight, I should hit my hours for the week. Tomorrow I’m doing this week’s long run, a 14-miler, first thing, to have it out of the way for the weekend at the Pocono race. Then I’m probably going down to the beach to see my family.

Saturday morning, I’ve got one last 3-miler at goal marathon pace to squeeze in before Mike is supposed to be at our house at 7 for the roughly four-hour drive up to the track. We have tickets to the truck race that afternoon. Then we’re driving up to Scranton, where we’re staying at the closest hotel I could find to a bar Clark and I spent all afternoon in after I ran the Steamtown Marathon a couple of years ago.

Sunday will be a rest day for me. We’ll probably head back down to the track in the morning to tailgate before the race, and then drive home after the race. Should be an awesome weekend!



  1. Your pictures turned out great! Enjoy the race this weekend!

    Comment by Laura — August 3, 2013 @ 12:21 am | Reply

  2. Thanks!

    Comment by aschmid3 — August 6, 2013 @ 7:08 pm | Reply

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