A Simple Running Log

July 12, 2013

Training for 7/12/13

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Last night, after I got home from Walmart, I still had that 3-mile pace run on the schedule to deal with. I was pretty tired and the thought of sweating my face off yet again wasn’t all that appealing, but Clark pushed me off the couch and told me to get it over with, or I’d be cranky the rest of the night. I made it as far as where Pepper was lying by the back door before I stopped to pet him. I heard a voice come down from the couch behind me: “That’s not running.” Fine, fine, I’ll go!

I got dressed, put on the Garmin and headed out. I was shooting for three miles at 8:00/mile pace. It wasn’t a particularly hot day yesterday, but it was extremely humid, yet again. As I took off down the road, I kept glancing down at the Garmin and seeing paces well above 8:00. I finally managed to get down to my goal pace, but it sure did feel a lot harder than it should have, thanks to the humidity.

It got better as I went along though, and by the time I finished, I felt pretty comfortable at that pace. My splits were 8:01, 7:50 and 7:45, a 7:52 average. I was glad I’d run after all. I usually am.

I needed another shower though. I was completely drenched, again, and there seemed to be a lot more bugs out last night than usual. I was covered in them.

This morning, I did strength training in the attic — push-ups, ab exercises, invisible chair sitting, weights and stretching. The plan is to run another lap around the 7.3-mile loop when I get home tonight, and then I’ll finally be caught up on this training week.

Tomorrow, I’m supposed to do an easy 5-miler, and Sunday is an 11-mile long run.

Monday, I’ll do the strength training and 3-mile easy run on the schedule, but I’m taking the day off work to go to Six Flags with my sisters and one of my younger sister’s friends.


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