A Simple Running Log

July 3, 2013

Training for 7/3/13

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This morning was strength training and a short easy run. I ate breakfast and went upstairs first, where I did ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weights (three sets this time, instead of just two!) It had been sunny outside when I was eating breakfast, so I was surprised to hear what sounded like rain all of a sudden, pounding on the roof hard enough to once again drown out the fan and my music.

Pepper and I went back downstairs, and I saw that a shower had definitely just passed through. It looked like it had stopped for the moment, so I put Pepper in his harness and hit the road. It was warm and muggy out, especially when the sun broke through, but we did 3 miles and made it back home just in time, before the next heavy shower passed over. I wouldn’t have minded it so much, but Pepper would have freaked out, so I was glad we missed it.

Right before I left for work, the FedEx guy dropped off the bottle of SaltStick salt caps and 24-pack of GU I ordered a couple of days ago. No more excuses for cutting short long runs in the heat!

I’m really looking forward to this four-day weekend. Tomorrow, I have a short tempo run first thing, and then Clark and I have a ton of stuff to do around the house to get ready for Saturday’s party. We might go to the beach house in the evening to watch fireworks. Friday is a rest day, and I’m not going to work but Clark is. I’ll probably get the food shopping done and make what I can ahead of time. Saturday morning, I’m running the Women’s Festival 5K in Rehoboth again, the one that awards New Balance gift certificates to the top 10 women finishers.  I’m hoping when I get home from that all I’ll have left to do is grill all the chicken. And then Saturday evening is party time and the Daytona NASCAR race.

Sunday is supposed to be my first long run of marathon training, 10 miles. I didn’t even attempt the long run the morning after our party last year. It got way too hot way too early and I slept in. Will history repeat itself? We’ll see!


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