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July 1, 2013

Training for 7/1/13

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It’s the first day of July, which means it’s the first day of my training for the Indy Monumental Marathon on Nov. 2! I started it this morning with the first workout on Hal Higdon’s advanced 2 marathon training plan, strength training and 3 easy miles.

I did the strength training first — abs, push-ups, invisible chair sitting and weights in the attic, where it wasn’t too bad yet. Some really heavy rain showers passed over while Pepper and I were upstairs. It was coming down hard enough I could hear it over the fan, which was on high, and my music.

It had let up a little by the time I went back downstairs and was set to run, but it was still hard enough I didn’t think Pepper would like it. So I left him home, much to his dismay, judging by all the howling, and I did 3 miles in the rain by myself. The rain felt great, and it was a pretty easy run.

Saturday morning, I ran the Beach Paper Firecracker 5K in Rehoboth Beach. Clark’s parents had agreed to watch Pepper for me while I ran, which meant I had to be at their house in Fenwick at 6:30 a.m. to drop him off, which meant TK had to be at my house at 5:30 a.m. to drive to their place. That put my alarm at 5 a.m., but it wound up not mattering, because Pepper woke me up 10 minutes before that, demanding to go out. He’d been holding it for almost 12 hours at that point, due to storms Friday night haha.

It was still lightly raining when we left my house at 5:30. I wouldn’t have minded if it had kept that up for the race, because the air was so thick and muggy, a little rain shower while we were running probably would have felt good. But we didn’t get that lucky. By the time we’d dropped off Pepper and made our way to Rehoboth, the rain had stopped, but it was in the high 70s and the humidity was about 90 percent. Gross.

We picked up our race bibs and event towels, and then I did about a mile to warm up. I already had a nice sheen of sweat going, just from that. As they called us over to the start line, the sun broke through the clouds. A collective groan rose up from the crowd. Yay, it got worse!

I tried to start kinda close to the front, but people just kept squeezing in the crowd in front of me, and the next thing I knew, I was several rows back and surrounded by people talking about hoping to finish in the 26- to 27-minute range. It was too late to move up, so I just stayed put. We got the commands and took off.

It took me a good six seconds to get over the timing mat at the start. Then we had to work our way around a tight right turn almost immediately. Finally, we had some space to spread out on the long straightaway that made up almost the entire first mile. I started picking my way around people.

I felt pretty decent in the first mile. I passed the first mile marker in 6:39, as I was getting around the fifth and sixth place women. I know that because I didn’t pass any more women the rest of the race, and I was the fifth woman to finish.

I felt like I was maintaining my pace in the second mile — I wasn’t getting passed by anyone, and I passed a few people — but once again, I passed the second mile marker in 13:32, which meant I’d just run a 6:53 second mile. I was pretty sure I’d also passed mile two in 13:32 the week before, so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to beat last week’s time.

We made a couple more turns, and then we were back on that long straightaway back to the finish. I was just trying to not to think about how tired I was of running that pace. I caught up to a guy near the finish, but he pulled out a much stronger kick than I did, so I just followed him across the line.

2013 firecracker 5k finish

I hit ‘stop’ on my watch and saw 21:08. I actually managed to run a strong enough third mile to shave off another seven seconds from last week’s 5K time. Not bad!

Later, a guy in some funky looking shorts told me I’d run a great race. I had no idea how the hell he knew that, but thanked him anyway. Turns out he’s the guy who finished right behind me; he’s on the far left. You can’t really see it in that picture, but trust me, those are some weird looking shorts!

I was pretty worn out, and completely soaked through in sweat after that one. I walked a lap around the little paved path in Grove Park, and then I did about another mile to cool down.

TK finished, and we sat around waiting for the awards ceremony:

2013 firecracker 5k me and tk


Then they announced all the awards. Once again, I won my age group:

Pretty sure second and third place in the F 30-34 age group knew each other.

Pretty sure second and third place in the F 30-34 age group knew each other.

I was first of 13 runners in the F 30-34 age group, fifth of 103 women and 30th of 223 total finishers.

After getting what has now become our traditional post-race iced coffees from Dunkin’ Donuts, TK and I went back to Fenwick. Pepper stayed at the house with Clark’s parents all afternoon while we baked ourselves on the beach. The sun came out for good about an hour after we got out there. We stayed about another four hours after that. We both had a burn going in places that hadn’t seen much sun yet when we left.

Saturday night, I stayed in with Pepper. The NASCAR race got rained out and postponed until noon the next day.

Sunday morning, I got up when Pepper needed to be fed and ate my own breakfast, fully intending to go out and knock out my long run. I went back to bed instead, naturally. By the time I got up again a few hours later, it was way too hot and muggy to be running 10 miles. Plus, the race was about to start anyway.

I spent the afternoon watching the race and getting some stuff done around the house. At 6:30 p.m., I decided to make Pepper run something with me. I got dressed, put him in his harness and headed out.

It was still very, very humid, and I could tell Pepper was absolutely miserable and only putting up with it because it was better than being alone at home. He was foaming at the mouth a half-mile in. We just did a lap around the 5.5-mile loop. He ran the whole thing at a decent pace, but he looked like he’d definitely had more than enough by the time we got back home. I gave him a treat, he gulped a ton of water and then flopped down somewhere while I took a shower.

I had a pizza delivered and drank a few beers, and then I sat down on the couch to watch TV. The next thing I knew, it was after 11 p.m. and Clark was shaking me awake after he’d just gotten home from his business trip. I went to bed and had no trouble getting right back to sleep.

And since today is the first day of July, it’s time for my June summary.


  • Week 1 (June 1-8): 24 miles
  • Week 2 (June 9-15): 36.3
  • Week 3 (June 16-22): 27.9
  • Week 4 (June 23-30): 43.3

Total: 131.5 miles

I matched May’s mileage exactly. It was nice to back off for a couple of months. Since I’m only now starting marathon training, July will be a relatively slack month too in terms of mileage. The long run only gets up to 13 miles. August, September and October will be the higher mileage months.

As far as racing goes, I only did three 5Ks this month. They got progressively faster, and I’m definitely running these races better than the same ones a year ago, so that’s good.

July will be more of the same in that regard too. I just have the last two 5Ks of the summer series scheduled.


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