A Simple Running Log

June 28, 2013

Training for 6/28/13

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This morning, I took Pepper to the cross country trail for a short run around the 3-mile loop. It was another hot, muggy morning, even with the benefit of all the shade on the trail, so Pepper wasn’t his normal spritely self. It was a rather leisurely pace today, when he was moving at all instead of pretending to be completely fascinated by the same stump he’s peed on 125 times before. When we got home, I just did some stretching.

Tomorrow, I’m running the Beach Paper Firecracker 5K in Rehoboth. I would just like to keep improving on my time from last week’s 5K and keep up the age group win streak. The course is one I’ve run 10 times before, so I know all the turns and mile markers by heart, and it’s also pretty well-shaded.

Usually we have our Fourth of July party the same day as this race so I come right back home after it, but Clark’s business trip forced us to push it back to next weekend. TK doesn’t have anywhere she has to be either, so we finally get a full day at the beach!

The NASCAR race is in Kentucky and on Saturday night this weekend, so I don’t know what I’ll do Sunday, other than hopefully getting up early enough to get in my long run before it gets too hot outside.


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