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June 27, 2013

Training for 6/27/13

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This morning, I woke up so thoroughly convinced it was Friday, I asked Clark if his parents were going to their beach house tonight so they could watch Pepper tomorrow morning while I run my next 5K (Clark has to fly out for the weekend Friday night for work.) Since he has more of a grasp on days of the week than I apparently do, he was pretty confused why I was racing a 5K on a Friday morning and why it would matter if his parents were at their beach house.

Too many miles in the heat this week? I don’t know. But I was pretty damn disappointed to figure out it’s only Thursday.

Last night, I did another 4.5 miles. Weather.com claimed the feels like temp at home was close to 100 degrees, but I don’t think that was right. It was warm and very humid, but not that bad. The run itself went fine, but I was completely soaked by the end of the first mile, and then I got bitten up by mosquitos in the last mile and a half through a wooded area. When I got home, I got right in a cold shower to cool down and scrub off all the bugs that had drowned to death on the sweat-soaked surface of my skin. Two showers in one day — now I know how Kara feels, haha.

Today, after I got straightened out on the actual day of the week, I got dressed and went out to run again. Normally, I’d have done a second speed workout, but since I’m racing that 5K in two days, I just did another easy run around the 7.3-mile loop. I took my water bottle with me and sipped on it every mile. It was another uneventful run.

That put my mileage over the last four days at just shy of 30 miles. Just so happens the last four days were also the first confirmed heat wave of the summer, so I guess I picked the right week to do a couple of doubles specifically for heat acclimation. I should be good to go for the first week of marathon training next week.



  1. Hey, I can empathize – last night we had practice in the outdoor pool and it was disgusting! The pool temp was a toasty 86 degrees. Our coach stationed herself at the one end, hosing us down after a couple sets. We actually had to cut the practice short because it was too hot. And yes, I had a shower afterwards. In fact, yesterday I had three showers ;)… It was a double swim practice day, so more showers. Yay!

    Comment by kafishgirl — June 27, 2013 @ 6:55 pm | Reply

    • Glad you could find the bright side to things — more showers!

      Comment by aschmid3 — June 28, 2013 @ 7:17 pm | Reply

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