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June 24, 2013

Training for 6/24/13

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Saturday morning, I ran the Jungle Jim’s 5K Splash. I forgot to pre-register for it, so I asked TK to be at my house 15 minutes earlier than usual so I’d have plenty of time in case there was a long line for day-of registration, as there was at last week’s 5K when we arrived.

That set my alarm at 5:15 a.m. I was ready to go when TK got to my house at 5:45 for the roughly one-hour drive to Jungle Jim’s in Rehoboth.

This was the fourth year I ran this race. It’s one of my favorites all year. The course itself is pretty boring – an out-and-back on residential streets – but it starts and ends in Jungle Jim’s, a water park, and runners get free run of the park’s lazy river and a couple of the slides for about an hour and a half after the race.

The water park has always been a welcome perk because the first three years I ran this race, it was a little on the grossly hot and humid side. Saturday wasn’t cool by any means – I’d still be looking forward to jumping into the lazy river as soon as I crossed the finish line – but it was definitely the nicest running weather we’d had for that particular race so far.

We got to Rehoboth ahead of the day-of registration crowd, apparently, because it took me two seconds to hand in my form and get my bib and event T-shirt. It felt weird to be running ahead of schedule for once. I’m usually late for just about everything.

There was still more than a half hour until the 7:30 a.m start at that point, so I ran a slightly longer than usual warm up, to the first mile marker and back, just because I could.

A lot more runners had shown up by the time I finished my warm up. Soon enough, they called everyone to line up behind the timing mats at the start line, and then we were off!

The start of this race is always crowded as we leave the water park and try to squeeze onto the left shoulder of the road, since the roads aren’t closed to traffic. I think I did a decent job of placing myself in the pack, and I didn’t have to dodge or weave too much at the beginning for once.

Coming out of the water park at the start. I'm in the orange sports bra and black shorts near the left side of the crowd.

Coming out of the water park at the start. I’m in the orange sports bra and black shorts right behind the little kid on the left side of the crowd.

I felt OK in the first mile, and passed the first marker in 6:37 by my watch. Soon enough, we made the U-turn around the cone marking the turnaround and headed back.

I was running with this woman named Meryl, who must have been the most popular runner in the whole race. As we met everyone behind us on their way to the turnaround, it seemed like every other runner yelled out to her. I finally got my one and only shout-out when we met TK. People know me too! Well, a person. Whatever.

Anyway, we passed the second mile marker right after that. I think the watch was at 13:32 – a 6:55 second mile. Once again, I’d fallen off in the second mile, but it wasn’t as bad as last week. Better yet, I was on track to beat last week’s time.

The third mile was tough. I was hot and tired of running, but that’s how the last mile of a 5K always feels, so what else is new? Luckily, I had plenty of company to keep me pushing. I got by Meryl and another woman who had passed me in the first mile, and then I caught up to a couple of guys.

One of them was Lap, who had finished right in front of me last week. I recognized him because he’s the only runner wearing a long-sleeved shirt in these summer races. It looks so uncomfortable!

I just couldn’t get around him though. Every time I thought I had a run on him, he’d surge ahead. But I’m pretty sure trying to run him down helped me keep up my pace at the end.

Unsuccessfully trying to keep up with my long-sleeved rival.

Unsuccessfully trying to keep up with my long-sleeved rival.

jungle jims 2013 finish

I crossed the line in 21:15 by my chip, a 6:51/mile average pace, a 13-second improvement over last weekend’s 5K and by far the fastest I’ve run that particular course, so I was satisfied with it.

I briefly thought about running a cool down, but then I sat down with a bottle of water and a slice of watermelon and that idea went out the window. When TK finished, we changed into our swimsuits and hopped in the lazy river.

It was chilly! Yes, we complained haha. But we sucked it up and did a couple of laps around it. We’re tough, after all.

When two of the slides were opened, we rode both of them, getting out of the pool at the bottom of the second one just in time for the start of the awards ceremony.

I won my age group again! Halfway through the six races I have to run to qualify, I’m 3-for-3 on age group wins.

My annual age group award acceptance picture in a bikini, haha. I finally got a new one!

My annual age group award acceptance picture in a bikini. I finally got a new one!

In addition to finishing first of 25 in the F 30-34 age group, I was the fourth woman overall of 215 and 29th of 382 total finishers.

It turns out turning 30 before the summer series started and moving up an age group totally worked to my advantage. The second and third overall women were both in the 25-29 age group, finishing in 20:00 and 20:26, meaning if I was still 29, I’d have finished third in my age group by a wide margin in the race. Looks like I aged out of that group at the right time!

The water park kicked us out not long after that. TK and I didn’t have time to go to the beach this weekend. She had a baby shower that afternoon, and I had a birthday party, so we just went home right after the race.

The birthday party was fun. As is usually the case at a kid’s first birthday party, the highlight was when they gave Delaney her own little cake and, after a little coaxing, she started grabbing handfuls of cake and icing and smearing it everywhere haha. Why isn’t it acceptable to eat cake like that anymore past your first birthday? I can’t wait for my 31st next year. I’m bringing it back.

Clark and I left the party when it was time to feed Pepper. After we had him taken care of, we drove to St. Michaels to meet my friends Allison and Jillian, who was visiting from Wisconsin for the weekend, and Allison’s date, Tim.

We started with dinner at Gina’s Cafe, this little Mexican restaurant, and then we went to the Carpenter Street Saloon to see a cover band. A bunch of wedding guests showed up not long after the band started and the place really got rolling. We had a great time!

Jillian, Allison and me at Gina's.

Jillian, Allison and me at Gina’s.

Saturday night, I stayed sober and let Clark go nuts. He covered dinner, so I opened a tab at the bar and told him to put his drinks on it. The last purchase of the night was three shots of Patron Silver – all for Clark, haha. I promptly cashed out after that. Those shots were $11 each! I guess I owed him though, for the $26 bottle of beer I accidentally ordered at a restaurant in Alexandria a couple of months ago.

Clark and me at the end of the night.

Clark and me at the end of the night.

It was about 2:15 a.m when we finally got home again. I’d been up for 21 hours. I went straight to bed, but I was so tired I couldn’t fall asleep. I hate that feeling.

I woke up Sunday when Pepper needed to be fed, feeling so exhausted I might as well have been the one to slam three shots of tequila at the end of the night before. Still, I had trouble making myself go back to sleep after Pepper was taken care of.

Clark left to play golf with a friend, and I spent the rest of the morning dozing on the couch and not doing my long run. I liked it so much, I continued doing that through the rest of the afternoon, while watching the NASCAR race from Sonoma. It was way too hot and humid outside to think about running anyway.

This morning, I was up nice and early once again, thanks to Pepper. I ate some breakfast and then headed out for a run.

I did a lap around the 7.3-mile loop this morning, which wasn’t too awful. I was completely drenched in sweat less than two miles into it, but I didn’t feel nearly as bad as I did when I slogged through that 10-miler last weekend. Tonight, I want to do my strength training and then get in a few more easy miles. It’s finally getting hot here, and I’m hoping a couple two-a-days this week will help me get acclimated for the start of marathon training next Monday. I don’t want to give myself a chance to use the weather as an excuse to slack off.


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