A Simple Running Log

June 21, 2013

Training for 6/21/13

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Happy first day of summer!

This morning, I stayed out of bed after feeding Pepper and went right upstairs for strength training. It was downright chilly up there, enough so I just left the door at the bottom of the stairs open. Pepper loves when that door is left open. He gallops through the whole house, including up and down those stairs, several times, just because he can. He always looks a little mad at me for closing it again when I come back downstairs.

Anyway, while he was enjoying having the run of the entire house, I did my push-ups, ab exercises, invisible chair-sitting and weights. After breakfast, I put Pepper in his harness and then wrangled him into the car (he was so excited — or upset, I can’t tell the difference sometimes — about going for a run he was leaving huge ruts in the stone driveway with every step he took as he bolted around the yard.)

We went to the trail, where the temperature was just about perfect for a run, but I had to stop several times just to scrape off all the spider webs. We also had to again pick our way around several downed trees from last week’s storm, and there was a brief hang-up when Pepper found the “stick” he wanted that was actually a root (I had to drag him away from it), so it was a little slow going today. But that was fine with me.

I’m running the Jungle Jim’s 5K Splash in Rehoboth tomorrow morning. It’s my favorite 5K of the summer series, because it starts and ends at the water park, and runners get free use of part of the park between the race and the park’s opening for the day. I’m not feeling particularly speedy at the moment, so I don’t have any big expectations for the race, but I’d like to at least beat my time from last weekend’s 5K. It would also make me happy to keep up my streak of first-place age group placings, since those are what they use to figure out final age group standings at the end of the series.

Outside of running, I’m going to a friend’s kid’s first birthday party tomorrow afternoon and then, in the evening, meeting a couple of my online runner friends, one of whom is visiting from Wisconsin. I don’t really have any plans for Sunday after the long run I’m supposed to do in the morning, but there’s a NASCAR race in Sonoma to watch.

Yesterday, I got a pretty exciting picture message from my brother:


That would be Dover Bridge — as seen from the Choptank River. Specifically, from Uncle Lee’s old ski boat, which Dave got running and took out on a test run yesterday!

He said he’s got one more little thing to fix on it after the test run and it should be good to go. He also said the river is already warm, which is good news. I’m that much closer to finding out if I can still get up on one ski after a seven-year hiatus!


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