A Simple Running Log

June 13, 2013

Training for 6/13/13

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This morning, I got up early to get in my intervals before Clark left for work. It was a warm and sorta humid morning.

I programmed the Garmin to measure out six quarter-mile repeats for me, with quarter-mile recoveries between each. This time, I remembered to also set the number of repeats so the Garmin had something to record, unlike the last time I tried to run intervals on the road.

I did my warm up mile, and then I found a new way to screw up the Garmin. Instead of hitting the ‘lap’ button to start the first interval, I hit the ‘start/stop’ button, which paused it. And then I took off for the first interval. I was almost to the point where the first interval would have ended when it dawned on me that the Garmin might have said “Timer stopped” when I hit the button. I looked down and sure enough, the timer and distance fields were paused. The pace field was showing 6:26 though.

I slowed down, hit the ‘start/stop’ button to get things rolling again, and did a quarter-mile of recovery before I hit ‘lap’ to start the first interval again, for real this time.

I had no more problems with the Garmin, and ran all six intervals and recoveries, plus another mile and a half of cool down, for a total of 5.5 miles today.

My first 5K of the summer series is coming up in three days, so I was just trying to get an idea of what pace I could maybe hold. The paces on the six recorded intervals were 7:01, 6:51, 6:39, 6:34, 6:37 and 6:32, so the average pace of the intervals was just over 6:42/mile. Not quite PR pace, but I’d be more than happy with that.



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