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June 3, 2013

Training for 6/3/13

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I have done absolutely nothing training-wise since I last posted Friday. I had a pretty interesting weekend though.

Friday, I had no trouble donating blood at noon, and then Clark, Pepper and I rode down to the beach. By the time we got there, it was too late to drive to Assateague, so we thought about trying the Indian River Inlet for surfing. But the water temp wasn’t even 60 degrees and neither of us had a wetsuit, so we just scratched the surfing thing for the day, got some beers, ordered takeout for dinner and hung out at the beach house with his parents instead.

Saturday morning, we drove down to Assateague, stopping at a surf shop on the way through Ocean City so Clark could get a wetsuit. I freaking hate cold water and had my doubts a wetsuit could actually keep me warm in it, and the climb up the stairs in the surf shop left me a little winded anyway after the blood donation the day before, so I didn’t get one.

When we got to Assateague, Pepper and I sat on the beach while Clark tried some surfing. He said the wetsuit worked like a charm, but the waves weren’t any good. He left the surfboard on the beach and went out just to swim. Clark hates cold water as much as I do, so if he was out swimming in it, that wetsuit must have worked as well as he said it did.

We got some barbecue for lunch, took showers at the beach house, left Pepper with Clark’s parents and drove to Milton, to the Dogfish Head brewery, for the beer tasting.

This tasting was scheduled for 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. We didn’t get there until 3 p.m., which meant we had an hour to get in all 12 of our allotted 3-oz. samples. So we got to work.

Clark in the outdoor beer tent.

Clark in the outdoor beer tent.

Me in the tasting room.

Me in the tasting room.

Essentially, we pounded three strong beers each in an hour. The tasting room in the brewery was still open after the event had ended, so we hung around and had a couple more pints each.

Souvenir tasting glasses and beer notes.

Souvenir tasting glasses and beer notes.

Bar in the tasting room in the brewery.

Tap in the tasting room in the brewery.

I don’t know if it was because I drank so much so fast, because I was down a pint of blood or a combination of the two, but I went from feeling perfectly fine to completely wrecked in no time. We left the brewery around 5 p.m. I don’t feel like getting into details here, but I’ll just say I felt like total crap by the time I came out of my fog later that night.

When I went looking through Clark’s truck for my stuff, I found both of my phones, but my wallet and my stupidly expensive three-month-old prescription sunglasses were nowhere to be found. Awesome.

I went to bed, since we had to be up in just a few short hours to meet Mike and his brother Keith to drive up to Dover to tailgate before the NASCAR race. When I woke up, I felt even worse than I had when I went to bed. I finally pulled myself out of bed and tried to eat some breakfast, but every time I walked into the kitchen I felt like I was going to puke. Finally, I just did, and then my appetite came back and I ate some breakfast.

We were only a little late meeting Mike and Keith. We headed up to Dover. On the way, we stopped at a Walmart to get some tailgating stuff, and just for good measure, I threw up one last time in the parking lot. I finally felt pretty normal again after that. Just in time!

We got to Dover around 10:30 a.m. and sat in the parking lot for a couple of hours. Eventually, my family stopped by to get some burgers on their way into the track, and then we cleaned up our stuff and got on the shuttle to the track as well.

It was a warm day in the stands yesterday, but the wind was blowing pretty hard, so it really wasn’t too hot. I finally felt like drinking again by the time we sat down, but not like the day before, haha. I just had a few.

The frontstretch.

The frontstretch.

Our old buddy Fish Lips might have been wearing the stupidest Gordon T-shirt yet.

Our old buddy Fish Lips might have been wearing the stupidest Gordon T-shirt yet.

Look who pitted right across from our seats! (That's Bobby.)

Look who pitted right across from our seats! (That’s Bobby.)

The end of the race was great. It looked like Jimmie stupid Johnson was going to ruin everything again by winning, which, even worse, would have given him the most wins of any driver at Dover, but then he jumped the last restart and got black-flagged. It wasn’t quite the same pandemonium in the stands as when Jeff Gordon busted his radiator while racing for the lead at Dover in 1997, but it still felt pretty good, haha. Then Tony Stewart ran down Juan Pablo Montoya in the last few laps for the win, and Bobby had an OK 21st place finish.

After the race, we hung out in the parking lot a little bit longer, and then we drove back to Mike’s. Clark and I then went over to my aunt’s house for dinner, where Clark, who was the one out of the two of us to get wasted yesterday, was feeling talkative and told my family the whole stupid story of how drunk I’d gotten the day before. I guess I deserved that though, haha.

We picked up Pepper from Clark’s parents’ house on the way home, and got the truck parked in the garage just in time to miss the huge downpour that came though. It rained off and on like that all night. I’m glad it held off during the day.

This morning, I felt OK when I woke up, other than being completely exhausted. I am getting way too old for weekends like this one. So I just lazed about with Pepper again until I had to go to work.

I called the brewery, and great news — they have my wallet and sunglasses, and I can go pick them up this afternoon. Now that I’ve found my stuff, it’s a funny story, haha.

Anyway, now that I’ve detoxed from this weekend and hopefully regenerated enough of my blood, I’d like to get back to the whole running thing tomorrow!


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